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Clear2there Signs Distribution Agreement With M2M Certified To Offer VIEWBIQUITY M2M Solutions To Businesses

by david.nunes

Clear2there Signs Distribution Agreement With

 M2M Certified™ To Offer VIEWBIQUITY M2M Solutions To Businesses


Oklahoma City, OK  June 23 , 2011—Clear2there, a leading provider of advanced video surveillance and  M2M solutions for service providers and enterprises, has announced it has signed  an agreement with La Jolla, CA-based M2M Certified, a technology provider specializing in advanced M2M technologies, to offer Viewbiquity M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications to business customers. As part of the arrangement, M2M Certified will provide the Viewbiquity Cloud Interface (VCI) cloud-based, open source M2M platform to its customers.


“We are very pleased that M2M Certified has elected to offer VCI to its customers,” said Greg Mantia, chief executive officer of Clear2there. “M2M Certified is at the leading edge of providers solely focused in delivering advanced M2M capabilities to their customers. Their participation is a ringing endorsement for the efficiency and value that VCI delivers.”


An M2M hybrid solution that combines the power, flexibility and efficiency of cloud-based technology with low-cost edge devices, Viewbiquity is a secure, cost-effective solution that incorporates command and control capabilities, two-way VoIP communications, video surveillance, sensor monitoring, geofencing, as well as supporting both automated and manual responses. Viewbiquity is delivered as a monthly service that requires no activation costs, and can be implemented through low-cost edge devices like laptops and netbooks. Viewbiquity supports both JavaScript and HTML APIs, giving legions of developers a low-barrier, solid and sustainable platform on which to write new applications.


“Joining forces with Clear2there and Viewbiquity strengthens M2M Certified’s ability to deliver the most compelling and cost-effective solutions for our customers,” said Kelly Venturini, chief executive officer of M2M Certified. “VCI’s flexibility and scalability will allow customers to leverage M2M technology across a number of core business processes, resulting in greater productivity, increased efficiency, lower operating costs, and increased profits. It’s a story that we expect will clearly resonate with our customers.”


About Viewbiquity:  Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Viewbiquity is a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions for enterprises, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. The company is privately held, and serves customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia through a distribution network that includes service providers and integrators. To learn more, visit www.viewbiquity.com.


Clear2there is an innovative, full service provider of feature rich video surveillance, communications and M2M solutions for businesses. Based in Oklahoma City, Clear2there works with national distribution partners, and offers a team of dedicated support staff to assist in all phases of implementation. For additional information, visit www.clear2there.com.


About M2M Certified:  Based in La Jolla, California, M2M Certified delivers specialized market access services to serve the growing needs of the global M2M sector. M2M Certified brings together wireless design and cutting-edge software to bridge the gap from innovation to practical application. More information is available at www.m2mcertified.com.




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