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Click! Network is the first municipally-owned network to be MEF 2.0 certified – the highest global standard for Carrier Ethernet

by david.nunes

Click! Network is the first municipally-owned network to be MEF 2.0 certified – the highest global standard for Carrier Ethernet 

Washington, 21 January 2015 – Click! Network, an enterprise of Tacoma Public Utilities and one of the largest municipally-owned telecommunications systems in the US, has earned the industry’s highest level of certification from the MEF for Carrier Ethernet (CE) network services. The MEF CE 2.0 certifications were received for E-Line (EPL/EVPL), E-LAN (EP-LAN/EVP-LAN), and E-Access (Access EPL/Access EVPL) service configurations.

Click! Network supports its wholesale service providers to reliably deliver a range of voice and data services to its customers, including high-speed data services over coax and Ethernet over fiber optics. 

“It was necessary for us to be CE 2.0 certified to optimally meet the needs of our wholesale customers,” said Debra Edwards, Click! Business Accounts Manager. “It enables our wholesale customers to diversify their product mix and reliably meet higher Quality of Service standards.”

To receive the CE 2.0 certification, Click! Network had to undergo a host of rigorous MEF specification tests. “The process for certification was very thorough and invaluable to us. It included professional certification for our engineering staff and extensive training for our broadband technicians,” said Edwards.

“CE 2.0 certification accelerates the ability for service providers to deploy new services with the ability to address the performance requirements of today’s demanding end-user applications,” said Nan Chen President of the MEF. “We are delighted to see accelerated use of CE 2.0 in every geographic region of the world.  We congratulate Click! Network for demonstrating a commitment to service innovation and quality that meets the highest recognized industry standards.”

About Click! Network

Click! Network, an enterprise of Tacoma Public Utilities, is one of the nation’s largest municipally owned telecommunications systems. Click! Network provides competitive residential and business services, including cable television, high-speed data, Internet and broadband services, in the cities of Tacoma, University Place, Fircrest, Fife and portions of Lakewood and unincorporated Pierce County. Visit clickcabletv.com or call (253) 502-8900 for more information.

About the MEF:

The MEF is the defining body and driving force behind the global market for Carrier Ethernet services and technologies. MEF’s flagship work is CE 2.0, including specifications, operational frameworks, and related certification programs for services, equipment and professionals (MEF-CECP 2.0). An industry alliance consisting of 220+ member organizations, the MEF operates through a powerful collaborative framework of service providers, network solutions suppliers, and other stakeholders to achieve its CE 2.0  development and globalization objectives.

Building on thirteen years of success and widespread adoption of CE 2.0, the MEF is now also focused on defining LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) with APIs for existing network, NFV, and SDN implementations enabling more agile, assured, and orchestrated services over more efficient, automated networks. The MEF’s vision for the transformation of network connectivity services and the networks used to deliver them is referred to as the “Third Network,” which combines the on-demand agility and ubiquity of the Internet with the performance and security assurances of CE 2.0. For information on the Third Network Vision, based on Network as a Service principles, download the MEF Third Network Vision & Strategy White Paper.

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