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Close Asset Management invests in Exponential-e’s cloud

by david.nunes

New route-to-market opened with no burden on existing budget and resource

Exponential-e, the smart network, applications and cloud provider today announced that it has built a virtualised cloud for Close Asset Management (“CAM”). The virtualised environment will support CAM’s initiatives to broaden the company’s appeal to its clients, particularly those private investors who are increasingly used to technology-based management of their investments.

Close Asset Management provides financial services for private individuals and institutional clients and their advisers. The company offers a wide range of investment management, trust, banking and advisory, educational and administrative services in the UK and internationally.

Exponential-e built a hybrid cloud for Close, integrating a new public facing website with their existing private cloud built by Exponential-e a few years before. Given the sensitive nature of the data and the applications being supported, the public cloud service is securely housed within a controlled and protected data centre and integrated into Close’s internal systems over Exponential-e’s smart wires.

Exponential-e used virtualisation to reduce the number of physical servers needed by two-thirds and to reduce the associated systems by 80%. They were able to keep hardware to a minimum and remove the need for the power, cooling, rack space and support costs associated with multiple machines.

Mukesh Bavisi, Engineering Director, Exponential-e said ”This private cloud gives Close access to additional computing power which they can flex as they need. It is also a gateway to other on-demand services contained within the cloud”.

Close’s live and pre-production environments take advantage of virtualised ICT resource delivered from the cloud. Disaster-recovery backup is provided from a second Exponential-e datacentre from where the live environment is replicated across the cloud. Two firewalls work across the environment to provide the protection needed and SAN storage is shared across the database clusters.

Once full integration is complete it will be possible to overhaul existing processes to free up silo-ed resource and consolidate hardware further. Mukesh added: “We expect to see total cost of ownership to drop even further and utilisation levels increase again”.

Exponential-e have integrated the new computing environment into Close’s existing systems and given Close’s internal support teams controlled and secure access to the system. Security is paramount. Whilst reliable and timely access is provided to data and resources for authorised users, the platform denies network communications not expressly allowed. All services and applications are authenticated and devices monitored and proactively managed.

About Exponential-e

Exponential-e designs and deploys bespoke network solutions, connecting company LANs regionally, nationally and internationally to create global office networks. Customer networks are created within Exponential-e’s VPLS-enabled NGN (known as the Service Creation Platform or SCP) and do not touch the Internet, ensuring they are totally private.

In addition to fast, high capacity, flexible connectivity solutions, companies also access a range of enterprise services and applications which are hosted on the network. Managed and unmanaged storage, voice services, video conferencing, surveillance and colocation, plus some sector specific services are all available through a single access circuit onto the SCP.

As well as its national UK network, Exponential-e has a direct connection into New York, offering desktop-to-desktop transatlantic services.  The company also has a number of strategic alliances in place, with like-minded Ethernet carriers, enabling the company to offer end-to-end Ethernet across most of the world.

Exponential-e’s network solutions are fast, flexible and secure – giving customers responsive, scalable networks which reduce risks and costs while enhancing their business performance.

Helen Simpson

Head of Corporate Communications & Public Relations

Exponential-e Limited
2nd Floor, Central House, 25 Camperdown Street, London, E1 8DZ

Registered in England number: 04499567

D: +44 (0)20 7096 4098

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W: www.exponential-e.com

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