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Cloud-based Contact Center Software Provider Five9 Helps SupportSeven Enhance Client Service and Expand its Business

by david.nunes

Cloud-based Contact Center Software Provider Five9 Helps SupportSeven Enhance Client Service and Expand its Business


Rapidly growing provider of outsourced services
improves flexibility with a cloud-based platform

SAN RAMON, Calif. – June 5, 2012 – When SupportSeven, a rapidly growing provider of outsourced customer and technical support services, needed to scale its contact center to meet customer needs and business goals, it realized that its premise-based solution couldn’t deliver the cost effectiveness, agent productivity and business flexibility required. SupportSeven company president Tom Rocca called on Five9 Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based contact center software, to move the outsourcer to the cloud, provide a flexible platform for growth and reduce capital investments.

“We grew quickly to about 700 seats, using premise-based technology,” said company president Tom Rocca. “But growing had its challenges. Software licensing, storage, raised floors, rack environments, more IT people – it really added up.” Each time the company added a large client or a significant number of seats, Rocca estimated it cost SupportSeven between $100 thousand to $500 thousand.

Rocca said Five9 gives his business greater flexibility on a number of levels, starting with business development. Simply talking about the cloud-based platform with prospects has been an advantage – SupportSeven can quickly and transparently scale to add or reduce agents based on client need. Landing a new client – even a large one – and onboarding agents is easier with Five9, because agents are productive faster due to its intuitive and efficient user interface.

Capital investments have decreased significantly because there’s no premise-based equipment to manage and maintain. Resources spent keeping the technology systems up-to-date have been re-invested in training and business development.

“SupportSeven’s situation was a common one – a company with a huge growth opportunity and technology holding it back,” said Five9 CEO Mike Burkland. “With Five9 cloud-based contact center software, companies can realize this growth potential and enjoy additional benefits of cloud, such as lower costs, improved productivity and streamlined operations.”

Five9 is revolutionizing the contact center industry, bringing the power of the cloud to customer service, marketing and sales organizations around the globe. Processing more than two billion customer calls per year, for more than 1,500 customers worldwide, Five9 is the leading cloud-based contact center software on the market. The company gives enterprises of all sizes access to sophisticated and innovative contact center solutions quickly, at a cost of ownership far lower than traditional premise-based solutions.

To learn more about SupportSeven’s use of Five9 watch a brief 2 minute video now: http://info.five9.com/supportseven-demo.html

About Five9
Five9 is the leading global provider of cloud-based contact center software for customer service, marketing and sales. The award-winning Five9 Virtual Contact Center and Predictive Dialer serve customers of all sizes on five continents. Customers profit from Five9’s reliable, robust functionality that provides the best technology, improves agent productivity, and delivers business flexibility. For more information on Five9, please visit www.five9.com or call 1-800-553-8159.

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