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‘Cloud SIM’ Launches The World’s First FREE Virtual SIM App

by david.nunes

 ‘Cloud SIM’ Launches The World’s First FREE Virtual SIM App

Cloud SIM helps users manage several phone numbers from one virtual SIM card.

New mobile app ‘Cloud SIM’ has announced the launch of the world’s first virtual SIM, providing users with a way to run up to 5 mobile numbers from one single device, quickly and conveniently.

The ‘Cloud SIM’ app provides an integrated platform which allows users to manage and run up to 5 different numbers from one smartphone. Designed for the ultimate in convenience, the innovative service utilises VoIP technology to allow ‘Cloud SIM’ users to make and receive calls and messages, from any of their numbers – straight from their smartphone.

Carrying several mobile devices for social, domestic or business purposes, can be frustrating and inconvenient. Cloud SIM provides a simple and effective way to bring all of your numbers together on one device. The app allows users to add additional numbers in less than 10 seconds, meaning Cloud SIM users can use a range of different numbers to suit their lifestyle – such as eBay selling, dating or having several business numbers.

Director of Cloud SIM, Saran Sathiyadurai, commented: “In today’s hectic world, many of us have to manage several phone numbers, whether for our business or personal lives. We’re also keen to cut call costs and get the best rates possible. Cloud SIM does both! With the Cloud SIM app, you can have up to 4 more numbers all managed from one singe smartphone!”

Each new number is fully functional, including calls, messaging and even voicemail. Each number can be topped up with credit from within the app. The ‘Cloud SIM’ app even provides the UK’s cheapest international calling rates on any network – just 1p per minute and calls to other countries start from just 0.5p per minute!

Other unique features include – calls and messages to other Cloud SIM users is totally free, the additional Cloud SIM numbers are genuine mobile numbers from the UK, Poland, USA and Canada, and the app also allows numbers from a variety of different countries to be managed through one device.

For more information about ‘Cloud SIM’ and the benefits the app offers you, please visit the official website at https://www.cloudsimapp.com or alternatively contact ‘Cloud SIM’ on the details shown with this release.

About Cloud SIM:

‘Cloud SIM’ is a mobile network integrated into an app that’s suitable for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to have up to four additional numbers linked to a single mobile phone, making managing several numbers quick and easy, with international and business calls cheaper.

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