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CMC Networks partner with NetMotion as sole distributors Secure Access Service Edge solution for Africa

by Anthony Weaver

CMC Networks together with NetMotion are the confirmed sole distributors of the cutting-edge Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution in Africa as well as a key Value-Added Distributor (VAD) in the Middle East.

This comes as CMC Networks expands its rapid adaptive network (C-RAN) with Secure Access to address the rapidly changing decentralisation of the borderless enterprise workforce.

The innovative solution seamlessly secures the enterprise WAN, allowing for increased productivity, enhanced digital experience monitoring, and optimised routing of mission critical data.

Geoff Dornan, CTO at CMC Networks says the acceleration of key digital trends over the year means that organisations need to work smartly and securely from anywhere with total peace of mind. “Needlessly convoluted security solutions are cumbersome and unproductive. C-RAN Secure Access enables customers to connect to the corporate network easily, securely and with full control by means of monitoring performance, productivity and user experience,” notes Dornan.

In addition to unsurpassed flexibility and control, C-RAN Secure Access enables customers the ability to prioritise traffic and enables network persistence which ensures operational continuity for people on the go and those working from remote locations.

Dornan notes a practical example of the power of C-RAN Secure Access in action is ensuring the continuity of call centre environments are maintained even when agents work remotely and encounter intermittent connectivity. “C-RAN Secure Access ensures calls are not disconnected and normal business operations can thrive. This is particularly important where meeting consumer demands by providing an exceptional, frictionless service is a key differentiator and crucial to an organisation’s success.”

“This, together with the ability to have full visibility of user status and link performance gives CMC Networks’ customers the ability to proactively manage change and adapt to support continued operations,” says Dornan.

About CMC Networks

CMC Networks, headquartered in South Africa, is a global service provider, offering market leading networking solutions across Africa and the Middle East.

Providing services for close to 30 years, CMC provides data connectivity to Carriers, Governments, Multinationals and various Non-Profit organizations. CMC Networks operates in excess of 110 Service Locations providing a cost-effective, scalable and resilient network.

CMC Networks has the largest Pan-African network servicing 51 out of 54 countries in Africa and 12 countries across the Middle East. CMC provides a broad portfolio of Carrier Grade Network Solutions including: Ethernet, MPLS, DIA, Next Generation SDN,  SD-WAN and Cloud based solutions.

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