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CMX7161 TDMA Digital Radio Processor – Product Launch

by david.nunes

CMX7161 TDMA Digital Radio Processor – Product Launch

Maldon, Essex – CML Microcircuits (www.cmlmicro.com), a leading innovator and provider of low-power semiconductors for global wireless and two-way radio communications markets, has released a new low-power, Digital Radio Processor specifically targeted at 2-slot TDMA digital radio systems, including Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).

The new CMX7161 is built on CML’s FirmASIC ® technology with Function Image™ 7161FI-1.x implementing a high performance half duplex digital radio modem complying with the ETSI TS 102 361 DMR standard. Using root-raised cosine 4FSK modulation in a 12.5kHz radio channel the device automatically handles slot timing and synchronisation. An integrated analogue interface removes the need for external audio codecs and combined with a range of intelligent auxiliary functions, provides maximum support to a host microcontroller.

The CMX7161 provides a direct connection to the market-leading CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx) therefore, enabling a highly integrated DMR radio to be implemented. The CMX7161/CMX994 is unique chip-combo that is specifically targeted at encouraging new DMR designs/manufacturers to enter the digital PMR arena, with market leading product offerings.

To enable a fast development path for new manufacturers entering the DMR market, the DE9943 SDR two-slot TDMA SDR demonstrator board is available. This board combines the CMX7161 baseband device, CMX994 RF DCRx device and also includes the CMX7262 TWELP professional radio vocoder, host controller, keyboard and display, enabling DMR peer-to-per operation in a standalone configuration.

The CMX7161 is available now, with low power 3.0V to 3.6V operation.

About CML Microcircuits

Founded in 1968, CML Microcircuits has developed to become a world-leader in the design, development and supply of low-power analogue, digital and mixed-signal semiconductors for telecommunications systems worldwide.

With its ISO 9001: 2008 certified design, production and marketing facilities and its truly global network of over one-hundred accredited distributors and representatives, CML offers a high-quality product backed by a wealth of design experience; and the on-going availability of ‘local-knowledge’ technical, applications and commercial support. This enables CML, and its customers, to respond to market demands quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

CML is supportive of conserving the natural environment and aims to manage its operations in ways that are environmentally friendly and economically viable. CML provides RoHS compliant, Lead-free (Pb-free) products.

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