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Cobham Wireless launches threat emulation to protect networks against

by david.nunes

Cobham Wireless launches threat emulation to protect networks against
the industry’s most prevalent security attacks

 TeraVM cybersecurity threat analysis examines infrastructure against real-world incidents including denial of service and SQL injection attacks

STEVENAGE, UK – Cobham Wireless, a global leader in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and mobile communication systems, has announced the launch of the TeraVM cybersecurity threat analysis solution. This enables operators to validate their security status with rigorous testing of infrastructure against the latest and most prevalent security threats.

In a world of complex cyberattacks, operators must ensure their networks are resilient and can handle the worst that cybercriminals can throw at them. Using real-world threat intelligence gathered from its extensive cybersecurity database, TeraVM accurately emulates techniques used by cyber criminals to attack the infrastructure of some of the world’s largest communications providers.

TeraVM is a market-proven solution that simulates both malicious and legitimate traffic to validate and secure the network with real-world scenario testing. Malicious traffic includes threats such as high-profile denial of service and SQL injection (SQLi) attacks.

The sophistication of modern security attacks means simply testing next generation firewalls against perceived threats is no longer adequate to ensure network resiliency. In order to protect the infrastructure and subscribers, operator defences must be thoroughly examined throughout the network lifecycle against new hacking techniques. This must then be performed against a background of emulated network application traffic to guarantee effectiveness of infrastructure in real-world scenarios.

Cybersecurity threat analysis is offered as part of Cobham Wireless’ market-leading TeraVM application and security emulation solution, which can scale to terabits per second of application traffic and is currently used by the world’s largest service providers. TeraVM provides threat simulation in an elastic deployment model by leveraging a fully virtualised solution used on industry-standard hardware platforms.

“In today’s climate of seemingly daily security incidents it is vital that operators ensure they are completely protected from the latest threats,” said Robert Winters, TeraVM Director at Cobham Wireless. “By testing defences against theoretical incidents or in isolation from network traffic, mobile operators are exposing themselves to potentially devastating attacks which can cause serious service disruption and other security incidents.”

Ian Langley, Vice President and General Manager, Cobham Wireless added: “Cobham Wireless is committed to providing the complete network validation solution to our customers. By adding the highest calibre of security protection to the TeraVM platform, we are arming operators with an invaluable resource to help them in their constant fight against cybercriminals.”

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