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Comarch joins the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)

by david.nunes

Comarch joins the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)

Krakow, Poland, September 12 2013 — Comarch, a global software house and system integrator has joined the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) as a Contributor Member. DLNA is a cross-industry consortium of more than 250 companies united to enable consumers to easily connect their home electronic devices and share media throughout their networked homes. The membership is an extension of Comarch’s cooperation with DLNA, dating back to 2011. Throughout that time Comarch has been developing certification tools necessary to ensure the interoperability of electronic devices under the DLNA CERTIFIED® logo. The logo confirms that products are compatible right out of the box to network with other DLNA Certified® products, and as a result, allow media sharing.

Being familiar with DLNA standards and having the necessary technical competences, Comarch will further support DLNA in adding new functionalities to the certification tools. Comarch adjusts the features of the tools to the changes in the organization’s standards and works with DLNA on leveraging the technology.

– “DLNA technology offers new business opportunities and many companies, including content providers and cable operators, are looking at how to seize them. Due to our beneficial cooperation with DLNA we have the insight necessary to offer them assistance in this area. Now, as a DLNA member we will work even more on this innovative technology which has the power to shape the future of home networking and we have the technical expertise and willingness to benefit from it too,” says Grzegorz Kafel, Consulting Manager at Cloud Connectivity and Mobility Business Unit, Comarch.

– “We are glad to have Comarch as a Contributor Member of DLNA. Comarch has been recognized by our organization as a vendor we can count on, able to deal with very difficult technical problems very quickly, provide resources tailored to our needs and deliver high-quality IT solutions,” says Andi Hall, Director of Technical Operations, DLNA.

About DLNA technology

DLNA technology enables consumers to easily connect their electronic devices, regardless of the manufacturer, and share media, such as photos, music or videos throughout their homes. DLNA defines requirements for devices and as a result they automatically discover each other over a home network without the need for a separate complicated system. Thanks to this, users can easily share media and enjoy all the benefits of a fully-digital home. It allows sending the desired content e.g. photos from a mobile phone to a TV without any wires, just being connected to the home wireless network.

There are already over 20 thousand DLNA Certified® products including home media servers, PCs, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, games consoles, wireless printers, routers, TVs, DVD and Blue-Ray players including such consumer brands as Sony, Philips, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, LG Electronics.

About Comarch

Comarch is a global supplier of IT products and services for the telecommunications industry that has been present on the market since 1993. Comarch’s areas of expertise include BSS/OSS, M2M and Cloud Service platforms, as well as a range of Managed Services. The company’s flexible solutions adhere to the best industry standards and have all been developed in-house. Having completed projects for over 50 telecom operators, Comarch has accumulated vast experience in the fields of designing, implementing, and integrating IT solutions. One of the company’s main strengths is the loyalty of its customers, who include leading brands such as: Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, E-Plus, MTS and KPN.

More information can be found at: telecoms.comarch.com.

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