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CommProve Launches BCN RAN Insight for Real-Time RAN Congestion Management

by david.nunes

CommProve Launches BCN RAN Insight for Real-Time RAN Congestion Management

Dublin, IRELAND– Nov. 15th, 2011 – In order to support mobile network operators (MNOs) that are looking to alleviate the strain on their networks and offer new services, CommProve, a leading provider of network monitoring and business solutions for mobile networks, has today announced the launch of its BCN RAN Insight application. BCN RAN Insight enables operators to intelligently manage their networks and perform customer experience management in real-time.

CommProve BCN RAN provides operators with the ability to:

  • Take policy management actions only in congested areas where overall user performance is at risk while limiting actions in non-critical areas
  • Employ smart enforcing rules so that premium customers can be protected even in congested areas
  • Offer special pricing to users if they are accessing data services in non-critical RAN areas or promoting contract upgrades limited in time securing throughput rates to subscribers that join the offer.

“As more and more subscribers are downloading bandwidth intensive data and applications while on the move, operators are increasingly looking at deploying solutions which will enable them to maximize their network resources while growing revenue,” said Dr. Lars Pedersen, CommProve CEO. “CommProve BCN RAN Insight provides operators with such a solution, and it’s key to our company vision – enabling business, customer and network (BCN) intelligence at your finger tips.”

CommProve BCN RAN Insight

BCN RAN Insight collects and processes in real-time measurements from different interfaces of the radio access network (RAN). Deep packet inspection (DPI) measurements and RAN quality measurements are collected 24×7 network wide. Depending on the network deployment and the desired accuracy different interfaces can be probed: typically Iub/Iups are monitored. DPI measurements provide information concerning application and network level delays, re-transmissions, peak and average throughput, application type breakdown, both at the user-level and at the cell-level.

The cell-level information is essential in understanding if, how, and where, the load generated by the user is affecting the network availability for other users. This information is generated leveraging the BCN RAN’s correlation capabilities; user mobility is tracked and the actual cells serving the user are saved in a call detail record (CDR), along with all relevant signaling information.

For more information on CommProve BCN RAN as well as CommProve’s Insight suite of applications please visit: http://www.commprove.com/products/commprove-insight

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