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2nd September 2010 CC: SUE / MC / VW / AL / AUD / CEL
David Nunes
Connect- World Ltd
Global House, 12 Albert Road
London E16 2DW UK
Tel: +44 20 7537 9255
Fax: +44 20 7474 0090
E-mail: david.nunes@connect-world.com
Dear Brenda,
RE: CommunciaAsia2011 (CMMA2011), 21 – 24 June 2011, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
I am pleased to propose a contra agreement between Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd (SES) and
Connect- World for CMMA2011.
1. SES agrees to make available to Connect-World Ltd the following:
1.1 Acknowledgement of Connect-World as “Supporting Media”, in all relevant promotional
materials and activities related to CMMA2011, with inclusion of its logo/name as and when SES
deems it appropriate and possible.
1.2 One (1) Standard exhibition stand of nine (9) square metres (corner booth) at CMMA2011. This
exhibition stand comprises of:
• Two (2) fluorescent tubes
• One (1) 13 Amp 230V socket
• One (1) reception desk
• One (1) folding chair
• One (1) coffee table
• Two (2) easy chairs
• One (1) display block
• Two (2) wall shelvings
• One (1) wastepaper basket
The space contract for the exhibition stand will be sent to you separately after this
agreement is duly signed and returned.
1.3 One (1) logo listing on List of Supporting Media with hyperlink to www.connect-world.com
website in CMMA2011’s Supporting Media webpage.
1.4 Listing in CMMA2011 Media Schedule which will be exclusively sent to all our valued exhibitors
of CMMA2011.
1.5 One (1) run-of-page banner ad with hyperlink to www.connect-world.com on CMMA website
1.6 Two (2) banner ads with hyperlink in CommunicAsia e-newsletter.
1.7 Two (2) publication bins at the publication area within the exhibition hall of CMMA2011 and One
(1) publication bin at the CommunicAsia Summit.
2. In exchange for the above, Connect-World Ltd will provide SES with:
2.1 One (1) page advertorial in the May issue of Connect-World Europe.
2.2 One (1) Full page Full Colour advertisement in the Apr issue of Connect-World Europe.
2.3 One (1) page advertorial in the Apr issue of Connect-World Asia Pacific.
2.4 One (1) Full page Full Colour advertisement in the Feb issue of Connect-World Asia Pacific.
2.5 Four (4) e-Promo (500 words plus 2 photos) link to e-Letter.
2.6 One (1) banner with hyperlink to www.communicasia.com on Connect-World’s event webpage.
2.7 One (1) banner and One (1) logo with hyperlink to www.communicasia.com on Connect-World
Asia Pacific e-Letter.
2.8 Two (2) exclusive email blasts to Connect World database. (SES to provide materials)
3. Please note that this contra agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions:
3.1 The stands must be set up at least a day before the exhibition and not in the morning of the
3.2 The stands must be manned throughout the exhibition’s opening hours
3.3 This Contra Agreement is for the promotion of Connect-World Ltd only. No promotion of any
other materials or activities / events will be allowed without prior permission from Singapore
Exhibition Services Pte Ltd at least three months before the event. This includes any form of
sponsorship tie up Connect-World Ltd may have with third parties.
3.4 Distribution beyond the boundary of the distribution point is prohibited.
3.5 Any exhibition / conference arm attached to your company or associated companies must be
declared prior to the endorsement of this contract. Should it come to Singapore Exhibition
Services Pte Ltd’s attention that your company or associated companies has an exhibition /
conference arm, Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd reserves the right to terminate this
3.6 Connect-World Ltd agrees to indemnify Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd from all costs
and, for any non-performance of their obligations under this agreement should the exhibition be
cancelled because of Force Majeure.
If you are in agreement with the above proposal, please endorse and fax this contract back to
+65 6272 2689. Thank you and we look forward to working with you to make CMMA2011 a successful
Yours sincerely, Please sign if in agreement with proposal
________________________________ ________________________________
Colleen Yong David Nunes
Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd Connect-World Ltd

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