Cologne, Germany; August 17, 2010: Communology, a company specialising in mobile application development, is offering mobile operators license-free test clients for Visual Voicemail (VVM). Companies can use them for internal tests and demos and quickly and effectively ascertain which server configurations are required for implementing VVM services on their networks. Communology provides VVM test apps for Android and Symbian, two platforms currently favoured by mobile operators. They comply with the recommendations of the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform), a global alliance of important telecommunications groups and mobile device manufacturers. Communology’s mobile Visual Voicemail software is also interoperable with voicemail systems of leading providers and is used globally by renowned mobile operators. Communology’s license-free test software significantly reduces the time to market of the sought-after VVM services.

“Existing voicemail services no longer meet the requirements of high-end users and it comes as no surprise that Visual Voicemail is becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who has seen VVM on a friend’s iPhone wants to use it as well. Mobile operators are faced with the challenge of introducing VVM as quickly as possible and adapting existing server systems. We launched our license-free test apps with exactly that in mind,” explains Thomas Kähler, CEO of Communology.

Visual Voicemail

VVM provides an easy-to-use, visual user interface for processing voicemail. Messages are downloaded and managed directly on the mobile device and can be answered with just the push of a button. Unlike network-based, conventional voicemail boxes, users can decide themselves which message they wish to listen to first and if and for how long the message is to be stored, just like SMS and email.


LiveMedia Visual Voicemail is part of Communology’s successful applications portfolio. Mobile operators can use white label applications for offering ready-to-use products that are adapted to their own specific requirements and customer-specific look and feel under their own brand name. LiveMedia solutions are also available for instant messaging, mobile TV, rich phone book, social networking, infotainment and mobile marketing.