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Comtek expands training service to offer support for customers’ engineers

by david.nunes


New service provides one-stop shop for sustainable IT practices and enables customers to sweat their assets for longer

Comtek, a pan-European provider of telecoms and communications equipment repair services, has announced that it is expanding its world-class internal training facilities to support customers’ in-house engineers.  Located at the company’s Deeside headquarters, the new service will provide training for both internal and external engineers on the most efficient running and upkeep of equipment, ensuring that organisations can sweat their assets for longer.

This new offering is an extension of Comtek’s existing training facility which trains internal staff on the running and maintenance of Nortel equipment through its dedicated Nortel lab.  Following the acquisition of a wealth of Nortel equipment in the wake of Nortel’s demise, Comtek’s lab filled the gap left in the market through the sudden departure of support for Nortel products. Through its team of specialist Nortel engineers, Comtek has created a world-class repair lab and in-house training facility that offers the same level of support that Nortel previously provided to its customers.  This announcement sees an extension of this training facility to benefit Comtek’s customers directly.

“We decided to launch the service following feedback from our customer base,” said Askar Sheibani, CEO and MD of Comtek. “As organisations look to improve their sustainable credentials, all whilst slashing budgets, we are seeing the repair and maintenance of products become an absolute necessity for companies today.  Given the success of our specialist Nortel lab, this new training service seemed like a natural progression for Comtek and further underpins our position as the leader in this field.”

The newly extended service will provide training on how to efficiently use and configure complex telecoms and networking equipment, as well as how to maintain it on a long-term basis.  Conducted by specialist engineers the training is entirely tailored to individual organisation’s requirements.

“This new service is a much valued addition to our current offering,” concluded Askar Sheibani. “By providing services which repair existing infrastructure, and equip engineers with the tools and the know-how to maintain that equipment in the long-term, we are effectively creating a one-stop shop for organisations looking to improve their corporate IT sustainability.”

About Comtek
Comtek is Europe’s fastest growing multi-vendor telecoms and communications equipment repair service, extending the working life of customer’s equipment.  Repairing, rather than replacing faulty hardware provides customers with significant financial savings and helps decrease the environmental impact of electronic products.

Comtek is headquartered in the UK, with additional repair centres in Holland and Germany.  The company was formed in 1989 and has more than 100 highly-skilled employees.  Approximately 80 percent of the company’s business is provided by major systems integrators such as BT, Cable & Wireless, and Siemens.

Comtek also provides Third-Party Return Material Advice (RMA) services to a number of well-known international IT equipment manufacturers, and has the distinction of being Britain’s only ISO 9000 certified Third-Party RMA Services provider.


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