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Comverse Selected by Telekom Srbija to Modernize, Virtualize & Introduce IP Messaging, New Rich Services

by david.nunes

Comverse Selected by Telekom Srbija to Modernize, Virtualize & Introduce IP Messaging, New Rich Services

Comverse mVAS, Evolved Communication Suite Selected to Help Future-Proof Service Provider’s Architecture & Services

Key Takeaways:

  • Telekom Srbija has selected Comverse mVAS, Evolved Communication Suite, and support services to modernize its VAS infrastructure into a fully converged virtualized architecture
  • Launch of RCS based IP-messaging and additional rich services in a virtualized environment will deliver a superior user experience, cut costs, boost profitability

WAKEFIELD, Mass., Jan. 6, 2015 – Comverse (Nasdaq:CNSI), a global leader in cloud-based and in-network services enablement and monetization management software solutions for communication service providers and growing enterprises, today announced that Telekom Srbija, the region’s leading mobile service provider, serving Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, has selected Comverse to modernize its messaging platforms, enable IP Communication, and lay the foundation for monetizing future rich communication services (RCS).

“As the regional leader, Telekom Srbija aspires to improve the lives of our subscribers by being first to introduce advanced technologies that address their constantly evolving needs for communication, information and entertainment,” said Filip Banković, CTO at Telekom Srbija. “Unification of all VAS services in a single virtualized environment is a springboard to delivering a superior experience – including compelling new services and capabilities that our subscribers can now find here instead of seeking OTT alternatives.”

Leveraging the Comverse Evolved Communication Suite (ECS) Core, Comverse mVAS will be enjoyed by all Telekom Srbija mobile subscribers, extending the reach to other IP connected devices. By delivering converged SMS, MMS, IP messaging and visual voicemail and evolving them to a digital experience that can be accessed across a range of iOS and Android devices, Telekom Srbija will build a critical mass of users for IP-based communication services by creating value, interoperability and an enhanced user experience for its customers from day one. In addition, Comverse ECS Plus is planned to be rolled out incrementally to Telekom Srbija subscribers, making possible delivery of popular rich services such as group chat, voice and video calls over IP.

“Spanning more than a decade, the longstanding Comverse-Telekom Srbija partnership has celebrated numerous notable achievements, and we are now looking forward to leveraging innovative best-fit and future-proof technologies to reach exciting new milestones together,” said Aashu Virmani, VP of Products and Go to Market at Comverse. “The proven maintenance and methodologies of Comverse support services will help ensure gains from streamlined operations are optimized and long-term.”

Comverse also collaborates on this project with TERI Engineering, Comverse’s long term regional partner and reseller. TERI Engineering will provide front-line project management and maintenance support.

Learn more about Comverse Digital Services at http://www.comverse.com/products/digital-services/.

About Telekom Srbija

Telekom Srbija a.d. is a modern, entirely locally-owned telecommunications company that for more than 16 years has had a leading role in the fixed, mobile, Internet and multimedia service spheres both in Serbia and in the region at large. By fostering the innovative spirit, Telekom Srbija continuously develops new technological solutions for the benefit of its customers and the environment, and maintains the high quality of unhindered communications offering a wide range of channels and message transmission devices. Our services are synonymous with trust, superior performance and innovative technologies.

About TERI Engineering

TERI Engineering is an ICT company headquartered in Belgrade (Serbia), with companies in Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro. TERI Engineering regionally represents leading global vendors of advanced technologies, products and services. For twenty-five years, TERI leverages those partnerships to help its customers to select and implement solutions, enhancing their operational efficiency and creating and preserving competitive edge. For more information, visit www.terieng.co.rs.

About Comverse

Comverse provides true carrier-grade cloud-based and in-network monetization and revenue management software solutions that help global carriers and growing enterprises profitably enable the way people obtain and share digital experiences, today and tomorrow. We support digital lifestyles through a suite of proven and flexible solutions that includes managed BSS and Policy (PCRF), Enterprise and Cloud Billing, and Digital Services, all guided by an experienced Managed Services offering, that ensure our customers gain competitive advantage. Comverse’s customer base spans more than 125 countries with solutions successfully delivered to over 450 communication service providers and enterprises serving more than two billion subscribers. For more information, visit www.comverse.com.

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