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Comviva Leads the Electronic Recharge Market in Egypt

by david.nunes
Comviva Leads the Electronic Recharge Market in Egypt
4 in every 5 prepaid subscribers in Egypt uses Comviva’s next generation PreTUPS™ Electronic Top-up*
Cairo, Egypt – July 09, 2012: Comviva, the global leader in providing mobile financial and VAS solutions to network operators and Financial Institutions worldwide, today announced that it clearly leads the electronic top-up market in Egypt for its PreTUPSTM electronic recharge solution. Used by over 67 million subscribers out of the total 81.5 million prepaid subscribers in the country, Comviva’s PreTUPS™ is a market proven electronic recharge solution that handles around 1 billion recharge transactions annually** in the country.

Comviva is a world leader in the provision of electronic recharge solutions, with its PreTUPS™ platform and suite of applications now deployed in over 56 operator sites across 39 countries across the globe. Used by over 647 million subscribers worldwide, PreTUPS™ is a market proven solution that handles more than 18 billion recharge transactions annually. Across Africa, PreTUPS™ enables affordable recharge for more than 180 million mobile subscribers in 28 markets. The solution has been deployed by all major operator groups in Africa and is currently being deployed by a leading operator in 17 countries.
Commenting on the achievement Sabri Amireh, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa at Comviva said, “Comviva’s PreTUPS™ has proved to be a real success across Egypt, where 96% of the mobile subscribers are prepaid. The solution has added a new dimension to operators’ prepaid top-up capabilities by bringing affordable, easily accessible mobile top-up to prepaid subscribers in the region. Prepaid subscribers in Egypt use this highly available and highly scalable solution to top-up and transfer talk-time of any value, at anytime and anywhere.”
Speaking on this achievement Srinivas Nidugondi, Vice President – Mobile Financial Solutions, Comviva, commented, “With prepaid dominating markets, mobile service providers require a proven, highly scalable, flexible solution to handle the growing volumes of transactions and the specific needs of particular segments. With over 101% mobile penetration and the growing consumer base for electronic recharge in Egypt has spurred the development of mobile payments in the country. Egypt’s Government and Banks are working towards the expansion of mobile payment options in the country and we at Comviva believe that very soon millions of people in Egypt can experience mobile payments, which will further contribute towards accessing banking and payment services.”
Comviva leads the mobile money and recharge solutions across growth markets, with more than 110 deployments across Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. The award winning mobiquity™ mobile financial solution is currently live or being deployed by 58 service providers and banks globally. PreTUPS™ electronic recharge is deployed by 56 service providers and powers recharge for 9% of the world’s population***.



* 67.1 million PreTUPS™ subscribers and 81.5 million Egypt’s prepaid subscribers
**Considering on an average 2.6 million transactions handled by PreTUPS™ in a day in Egypt
***647 million PreTUPS™ subscribers and 7 billion World’s population
· 96% mobile subscribers in Egypt are prepaid (Total Prepaid subscribers/ Total subscribers)
· Mobile penetration in Egypt – 101.31 %
Source: Basis Quarter 1, 2012 data from Wireless Intelligence




About Comviva Technologies Ltd.
Comviva is the global leader in providing mobile financial and VAS solutions. With an extensive portfolio of solutions spanning VAS infrastructure, application delivery platforms and customer-facing applications, Comviva enables mobile service providers to enrich mobile users’ lives, whilst rationalizing costs, accelerating revenue growth and enhancing customer lifetime value. Comviva’s solutions are deployed by service providers in over 90 countries and power services to more than 1 billion mobile subscribers globally. For more information, please visit www.comviva.com


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