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Concorde Solutions lifts the lid off the licensing revolution at Gartner’s ITAM summit 2014

by david.nunes

Concorde Solutions lifts the lid off the licensing revolution at Gartner’s ITAM summit 2014

CEO and Co-Founder Martin Prendergast will be hosting provider sessions that challenges the concept of SAM for Cloud services

Delegates at Gartner’s IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit this week will discover why and how to measure software vendor performance using critical business intelligence, when making the transition to the cloud or managing Hybrid IT environments.

Concorde Solutions (Concorde) will be speaking to IT and business professionals visiting its booth at the Gartner event, providing advice on complex data centre licensing, how to deal with issues such as virtualisation, and how adopting cloud computing impacts licenses, as well as contracts with suppliers. 

Concorde will also be delivering hands-on demonstrations of Core Control, its cloud based platform for collating, analysing and presenting critical business intelligence gathered across a global IT environment. This easy to use and quick to deploy solution simplifies software asset management for organisations with complex IT infrastructure, optimising both software usage and infrastructure licensing.

Martin Prendergast, CEO and Co-Founder of Concorde Solutions explained: “Findings from the Cloud Industry Forum’s latest report into cloud adoption, point to an increased uptake of cloud-based services and hybrid IT as the preferred infrastructure model. Having visibility of a software asset estate can become a complicated process that vendors can exploit to squeeze more of a profit from enterprise customers. We’ll be discussing how to gain control of this process to leave users on top of compliance and governance risks, and consequently avoid paying over the odds for licenses.”

The summit will take place on the 17th and 18th September 2014 at the Lancaster Hotel in London, and feature analyst sessions, problem solving contract negotiation clinics and peer interaction. To register for the event, please visit: gartnerevent.com/eu/itam

About Concorde

Concorde Solutions provides intelligent solutions for managing software compliance, measuring vendor performance and reducing software spend across Hybrid IT. By delivering the ability to take control of the software estate, optimise software investments and plan for and implement change, we solve today’s software issues and allow you to meet tomorrow’s technology challenges.



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