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Confirmit Launches Powerful Channel and Trade Audit Solution

by david.nunes

Confirmit Launches Powerful Channel and Trade Audit Solution

Programme enables consumer goods companies to anticipate evolving market trends and drive growth

London, UK and Oslo, Norway and New York, US: October 30th, 2013: In today’s data driven market, information is power. To succeed, consumer goods companies need clear market insight. Confirmit’s Channel and Trade Audit solution empowers companies to understand their retail, channel and trade marketing opportunities to drive growth.

The solution combines Confirmit’s innovative mobile applications, which power millions of surveys each year, with a strategic market profiling methodology. Confirmit is the leading global software provider for Market Research, Customer Experience and Employee Engagement.

The Confirmit Channel and Trade Audit solution addresses the six critical components of a channel and marketing strategy.

1.    Understanding new markets: Map new markets to overcome unique challenges.

2.    Vendor compliance: Achieve vendor compliance to maintain brand identity.

3.    Competitive analysis: Monitor and respond to competitor activities.

4.    Marketing insights: Prioritise marketing and advertising efforts based on unique regional characteristics.

5.    Distribution and delivery: Analyse and monitor channels and distribution effectiveness.

6.    Asset management: Track promotional equipment to maximise value.

Early adopters of the Channel and Trade Audit solution include Heineken International, one of the world’s largest brewing companies. To deepen its sales and marketing efficiency in one of its key growth markets, Africa, Heineken needed to take a close look at the beverage landscape.

“Our move to a standardised, GPS enabled programme with Confirmit created a robust system for some of our research needs. Harnessing the power of GPS also allows us to visualise our research in a whole new manner,” said Anthony Arnold, Channel Sales and Distribution Project Manager of Heineken International. He adds: “Reporting is essential to any mobile research project. We can now receive reports and manage research assignments remotely thanks to the online and real time data capturing.”

“In the competitive consumer goods market where margins are razor thin, success hinges on a company’s ability to secure real time insights about its business, markets and competitors on an ongoing basis,” explains Sean Conry, Confirmit’s Vice President of Mobile. “The combination of our market leading mobile technology with a solid, proven methodology is truly compelling.”

Hear first-hand how Heineken International uses Confirmit’s Channel and Trade Audit solution to reach a new level of insight and drives growth using the intelligence. Register today for the November 6th webinar with Anthony Arnold, Heineken International B.V.

About Confirmit

Confirmit is the world’s leading SaaS vendor for multichannel Voice of the Customer, Employee Feedback, and Market Research applications. The company has offices in Oslo (headquarters), Cologne, London, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Yaroslavl. Confirmit’s software is also distributed through partner resellers in Madrid, Milan, Salvador, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Confirmit targets Global 5000 companies and Market Research agencies worldwide with a wide range of software products for feedback / data collection, panel management, data processing, analysis, and reporting. Customers include Aurora, British Airways, Cross-Tab, Dow Chemical, Farmers Insurance, GfK, GlaxoSmithKline, GMO Research, JTN Research, Keep Factor, Morehead Associates, Nielsen, Research Now, Swapit, Swisscom, Symantec and The Wellcome Trust. Visit www.confirmit.com for more information.

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