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Connect America Fund – where should investment go?

by Administrator

Connect America Fund must recognise regional and small wireless ISPs

“The Connect America Fund for rural broadband infrastructure is a positive step forwards for the country. Reducing the obstacles we face in deploying new wireless broadband technologies is critical as these technologies can deliver affordable low-latency, high speed connectivity to rural areas, which the FCC considers highly important.

“The flexibility of the FCC’s auction rules means we can expect a large number of national carriers to bid for funding. However, it’s important that the FCC gives funding to a variety of service providers, to bring connectivity to America’s most isolated regions. With the boots on the ground and a passion to serve their local communities, regional and independent service providers can rapidly deliver high-performance broadband infrastructure.

“In order to truly fulfill the intent behind the CAF fund, new dedicated wireless broadband spectrum, and a fair share of federal funding must be made available to small and regional businesses which have the drive to connect local communities. If these inducements are reserved only for the mega-carriers, this well-intentioned initiative to provide better connectivity in rural America will amount to nothing more than a pipe-dream.”

Jaime Fink, CTO and Cofounder, Mimosa Networks.

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