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Connect-World presents SingTel webinar on MPLS

by david.nunes

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Take charge of your WAN:
Key considerations on MPLS and managing your global networks

Tuesday, 11 June 2013
09:30am (UK Time)
10:30am (Germany / France Time)
04:30pm (Singapore Time)


Dear Sir/Madam,

Businesses constantly strive to grow new markets to stay relevant and sustain success, especially expanding into high growth regions like Asia. Ever so often, IT decision makers see the urgency for solutions to support the company’s expansion strategy in terms of ICT needs. How do you keep up with the pace and make sense of these new growth trends?

On 11 June, get some tips from our specialists on how you can make your business achieve diversity with a reliable MPLS network infrastructure and deal with increasing demand of network performance.

Our MPLS network infrastructure specialists:
Michael Jones, General Manager, SingTel Europe.
Akwo-Fese Efimba, Communications Solutions Consultant, SingTel Europe.

You can’t afford to miss this event!


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