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Connect-World’s Digest – 12th March 2012

by david.nunes
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Connect-World’s Digest
12th March 2012
Editorial Manager’s Eye, By Anthony Weaver, Editorial Manager Connect-World publications

Welcome to the Connect-World Digest, which provides a summary of the news items that have caught my eye as Editorial Manager recently.

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Phillip Paulwell, Minister for Mining, Energy & ICT, Jamaica on your recent re-appointment. Due to the recent success of the People’s National Party – PNP, in the country’s national elections held December 2011, the Minister who held portfolio responsibility for Telecommunications between 1998-2007 was reappointed as Minster for Science, Technology, Energy and Mining – STEM. In a recent interview with David Nunes, Publisher for Connect-World, the Minister proudly confirmed the improvement in Jamaica’s e-Readiness – the ability to use ICT to develop ones economy, from 80th to 44th in EIU Digital Economy Rankings 2010 –

This improvement Minister Paulwell highlighted, was important because of ICTs role as an Economic enabler for job creation. The Minister, a previous editorial contributor to Connect-World, explained that he was determined to capitalise and reinforce Jamaica’s favourable image as a regional hub for ICT expansion by International organisations. He described his vision to modernise, strengthen and update the regulatory framework with the forthcoming appointment of an ICT Czar. He concluded, that the continued development of the ICT infrastructure Islandwide was essential as it will accelerate the delivery of eGovernment services.

Jamaica Minister for ICT, Phillip Paulwell (front right) with Julian Robinson, State Minister
Jamaica Minister for ICT, Phillip Paulwell (front right) with Julian Robinson, State Minister.

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Connect-World’s Digest

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20 January 2012GSA confirms number of LTE smartphones jump 6-fold in 6

23 January 2012A billion 3G/UMTS mobile connections, confirms UMTS Forum.

23 January 2012Launch countdown to IPv6 has begun.

24 January 2012 – Mobile broadband needs more spectrum soon, says UMTS.

25 January 2012
ITU’s Connect Arab Summit put broadband at the very top of the region’s political agenda. Delegates focused on region-wide ‘digital inclusion’.

25 January 2012EU law gives people the right to change their own digital history. It is proposed that individuals will be given extensive new rights over their online privacy.

27 January 2012UK Communications Sector vital to rebalancing the economy says the CBI.

30 January 2012
Networking technology used by over 50% of all global broadband homes. The abundance of innovative connected devices is fuelling a rise in the consumption of digital content and home networking.

31 January 2012London tops online searches for hotels. Of the 1.8 million searches made online for hotels in November 2011, London emerged as the most searched for location, according to the latest report, ‘Hotels Issue 10’.

2 February 2012The Scottish Government has published its plan to deliver a world-class digital infrastructure across the whole of Scotland by 2020, entitled ‘Scotland’s Digital Future – Infrastructure Action Plan’. This could bring Scotland in line with other parts of the UK that are making similar investments in Next Generation Broadband (NGB) infrastructure.

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