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Connect-World’s Digest – Issue 13 – March 2013

by david.nunes
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Connect-World’s Digest  – Issue 13 – March 201328th March 2013
Editorial Manager’s Eye, By Anthony Weaver, Editorial Manager Connect-World publications

Welcome to the Connect-World Digest, which provides a summary of the news items that have caught my eye as Editorial Manager recently.

For more information on the news items, please visit our press releases webpage detailed below.


Trade Events

Mobile World Congress 2013

25-28 February, Barcelona, Spain

M2M India Conclave, 14 March 2013, New Delhi

The India M2M market has now started evolving – India M2M market will be majorly driven by Automotive & Commercial Telematics, Household Monitoring & Control, Finance & Retail, Healthcare & Medical Devices, Smart Homes and Smart Metering.

Being India’s First Convention on M2M – now into successful 2nd Edition – the forum offered

a world class platform for understanding business value proposition of M2M and how M2M technologies and applications will help businesses to fuel growth and productivity.

Broadband MEA, 19-20 March 2013, Dubai

As broadband penetration steadily increases across the Middle East, opportunities for operators in the region are growing exponentially through value-added services, mobile broadband and customer retention. As such, the region has witnessed the arrival of emerging markets that, despite facing significant challenges, are successfully delivering broadband services to their customers. This year’s Broadband MEA event brought together the leaders from these unique markets, to highlight how they are delivering broadband services to customers despite facing difficult circumstances, such as times of conflict, strict Government regulation, limited infrastructures, high population densities and geographical spreads.

Visitors and delegates had the opportunity to learn from an exclusive speaker line-up of leaders from Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan and Iran, who shared their experiences on delivering reliable services in a challenging market. This includes Wilson Varghese, CEO of Kalimat Telecom, Iraq; Dr. Shahram Zamani Mortazavi, Senior Adviser to the Board, Iranian net PJS Co, Iran; Tomasz Laudy, CMO, Roshan, Afghanistan; Nima PourNejatian, Chief Technology Officer, MobinNet, Iran; Mohammad Gul Khulmi, CEO, Wasel Telecom, Afghanistan; and Hani Alami, Founder and CEO, Coolnet, Palestine.

Eurasia Com, 26-27 March 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

The 9th annual Eurasia Com took place at Istanbul for two days of inspiring keynotes, stimulating expert sessions, in-depth analysis, interactive panel discussions and networking activities.

The Eurasia region – comprising Turkey, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS countries – has become a dynamic market for investment and innovation in the digital sector. Consumers are becoming more demanding, technologies are evolving, services are more sophisticated and new players are emerging. With this evolution in mind, EurasiaCom goes beyond the world of traditional telecommunications: it brings together the most innovative companies from the region’s digital market.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

TELES opens test laboratory for end devices

From now on, manufacturers of end devices will be given the opportunity by TELES to test their products in the laboratory for their compatibility with components of the Berlin-based telecom specialist.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Motorola Solutions Launches First Image Management System for TETRA Digital Radios to Enhance Day-to-Day Policing

Public safety and law enforcement officials need to reduce crime and create safer communities in a cost-effective manner and are investigating how technology can assist this process. Key benefits and cost savings are likely to be most visible in the area of evidence gathering capabilities to improve prosecution success rates. With limited resources, evidence often is not captured or degrades before dedicated evidence-gathering officers can be deployed. Giving frontline officers the capability to capture evidential images at the scene of a crime or incident has been shown to reduce the time spent in court and increase conviction rates.

Tuesday, 19 March

Former IBM Chief Scientist Warns of New ‘Super Smart’ Computers that Can Think Like Humans

If you think smartphones have made a big impact on our lives today, wait till you see what the computers of tomorrow are capable of. Peter Van Der Made, current Chief Scientist at vWISP based in Western Australia has spent over a decade studying the human brain and understanding how to replicate it in computer form. He is formerly IBM’s Chief Scientist at Internet Security Systems. His new book, Higher Intelligence, tells the story of a 10-year breakthrough R&D project to build an ‘artificial brain’ chip that will help computers learn like the human brain.

Monday, 18 March

Operators Must Embrace OTT 2.0 to Transform Next-Generation TV Experiences” says Tvinci

Tvinci, the Pay-OTT platform provider, today announced it will present its OTT 2.0 platform for TV Everywhere, enabling truly personalized social TV on tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, STBs and the web. Tvinci will discuss the latest developments in the OTT TV space, and will highlight the need for operators to implement a paradigm shift in the way they challenge the changing device-landscape and user behavior, to enable real opportunities.

TSL Education connects more than 47 million teachers and students globally

connects more than 47 million teachers and students globally

TSL Education today announced that its free education resource-sharing websites www.tesconnect.com, www.tesindia.com and www.sharemylesson.com now connect more than 47 million teachers and students globally and are growing by more than 300,000 every week.

These figures were obtained following extensive, detailed research by the company, which involved responses from an unprecedented 275,000 teacher members of TES websites across the world.

Friday, 15 March

Wholesale carriers lost $6.12 billion to Fraud in 2012

The results of the first ever in-depth global survey to understand the impact of fraud on the wholesale carrier industry has been published today by Subex Ltd, a leading global provider of Business Support Systems (BSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), in collaboration with Capacity Media, a leading voice on the wholesale telecommunications market and carrier-to-carrier business.

Wholesale Carrier market is estimated to be around $170 Billion and the survey results indicate that carriers are estimated to have lost US$6.12 billion to fraud last year alone, raising the question is fraud an issue carriers can any longer afford to ignore?

SIMalliance: Asian M2M Growth Potential Hinges on Security

As continued deployments of machine to machine (M2M) applications across diverse geographical and vertical markets in Asia give rise to an increasingly fragmented ecosystem, SIMalliance has called for industry players to put security and interoperability at the heart of their plans for development, or risk inhibiting the sector’s prospects for growth.

Wednesday, 13 March

FastIraq Selects Epsilon for Iraq to Europe Connectivity

Epsilon Telecommunications, the world’s largest global telecoms network exchange, has been selected by Iraqi network operator FastIraq to provide international connectivity and local access to enterprise locations globally. This extends FastIraq’s network reach to new destinations and allows it to leverage interconnects with Epsilon’s more than 450 preconnected carriers. Epsilon will provide local access from sites in Iraq to buildings in London and Frankfurt as well as international private leased circuits via its global platform.

Halon Security beats Cisco in IPv6 readiness review

A brand new survey of the state of IPv6 readiness amongst most of the developers of networking and IT security products reveals that only one of them actually managed to do it properly. And it wasn’t Cisco.

Wednesday, 6 March

Tyco identifies key security trends that will shape the industry in 2013 and beyond

Tyco identifies key security trends that will shape the industry in 2013 and beyond

Tyco Integrated Fire and Security, a Tyco company which designs, installs and services fire and electronic security systems for commercial, industrial, residential and government customers, has drawn on its experience and reach in the market to identify the key security trends that will influence the industry in Europe in the coming years.

For more information on each press release, please visit our press releases webpage detailed below and navigate to the relevant date:


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