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Connect-World’s Digest – Issue 84 – March 2019

by Stefan





Mobile World Congress, Cabsat Dubai
12-14 March 2019

Cabsat in Dubai is the third largest event in the world and region’s most important event for the digital media industry. Cabsat is the ideal platform for companies wanting to gain an edge over their competitors all the more so in the MENSA region face to face relationships are critical to successful business dealings. the event is a showcase for the latest products and services from the entire spectrum of digital media from…



BMC Announces Partnership with Automation Anywhere to Deliver Robotic Process Automation with BMC Helix

With new support for RPA, BMC Helix will enable enterprises to leverage bots to automate service desk processes

BMC, a global leader in IT solutions for the digital enterprise…


The Most Valuable Global Tech Brands

Amazon is the world’s most valuable tech brand and is worth over $187 billion.

South Korean brand Samsung has fallen in brand value by 1.1% in the last year.

Chinese brands Huawei and WeChat have grown in…


1 in 3 UK landlines targeted by scammers impersonating BT

UK readers, beware of this scam targeting BT Internet customers over the phone that cost one woman £34,000. Tech support scams like these often target the elderly and vulnerable, so be sure to warn your parents and grandparents.

Nicky H. is the victim of a tech support scam…



BT uses ADVA synchronization solution in 5G strategy

Precise and resilient PRTC solution built on modular 10Gbit/s grandmaster clocks enables smooth mobile migration

London, UK. March 25, 2019. ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that BT is…


Ovum: Apple unlikely to unveil a Netflix copycat on March 25

Apple has called a press release on Monday the 25 of March, at which most observers expect Apple will announce its long-expected video service.

Rather than Apple launching a classic Netflix-style subscription…


Nottinghamshire County Council launches first of its kind interactive broadband mapping tool

The launch of a new interactive mapping tool means every home and business in Nottinghamshire can now check instantly if they have access…


Tech Workers More Likely To Turn Whistleblower Following Scandals

The UK’s tech professionals are now more likely to blow the whistle on an employer’s misbehaviour in the wake of scandals in the sector, according to exclusive new research…


94% of network operators to deliver new 5G services for sports stadium owners and tournament organisers

With 5G technology, network operators stand to become vital players in the sports and esports ecosystems, according to new research commissioned by Amdocs

According to research conducted by Ovum for…


5G: The De Facto Connectivity Choice for Outdoor Robots of the Future

“Existing onboard capabilities, such as object and people detection, path planning, and optimization can be shifted to the cloud to benefit from a larger set…


STC Joins the i3forum to Share a Middle Eastern Perspective on Carrier Transformation

The Middle Eastern Carrier becomes the first Middle Eastern Carrier to become a full member of the i3forum and will help to shape the future of Carrier Business

i3forum, a non-profit industry body focused on transformation…



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