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Considerable majority of UK operators expect their equipment vendors to use energy-efficiency labelling

by Anthony Weaver

According to a new report published today, the vast majority of respondents (97%) favour publishing data about energy efficiency of products and solutions, and operators are more likely to work with vendors that use energy-efficiency labels (84%).

An S&T Iskratel funded CensusWide survey revealed that while there is overwhelming support for industry-wide energy-efficiency labelling, a third (29%) of UK broadband leaders are not prepared to adopt this now or in the future despite calls for increased transparency and environmental sustainability.

This significant minority are not willing to provide energy efficiency information on their broadband products despite feeling pressure from investors, stakeholders, and consumers to do so.

“The findings from the survey reveal that network operators are keen to work with equipment vendors that want to adopt broadband labelling and care about environmental sustainability,” said Simon Čimžar, CTO of Business unit Broadband at S&T Iskratel. “S&T Iskratel has made the first step with the introduction of broadband labelling to measure the carbon footprint of all of future broadband products and we hope that other players across the industry follow our lead.”

“The findings from the survey also reveal a huge disparity between the willingness from network operators to adopt broadband labelling and the current legislation available in the United Kingdom,” added Čimžar.

However, the future looks bright. According to the survey findings, younger decision makers (aged up to 34) are more likely to take environmental sustainability into account when selecting a vendor to work with. Their answers were 7-8% above the averages compared to respondents aged 35-44 and 45 and older, signalling a positive outlook for the future of broadband networks.

Read more in the latest whitepaper from S&T Iskratel to see the full results here.


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