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Consumer Value Added Services Revenues to Triple to $420 Billion in 2020, Predicts Point Topic CEO

by david.nunes

Consumer Value Added Services Revenues to Triple to $420 Billion in 2020, Predicts Point Topic CEO

Singapore, 21 June 2012 – Consumer value added services are set to triple from $125 billion worldwide in 2011, to $420 billion in 2020. This was the predication made at CommunicAsia 2012 by Oliver Johnson, CEO of Point Topic, the leading industry analyst firm for global broadband statistics, information and reports.

These services are critical to provider revenues worldwide. As competition reduces margins in the basic broadband business, and with increasing penetration of broadband value-added services, their contribution to revenues is becoming increasingly more important.

VoIP is currently the top revenue earner – however Point Topic predicts that this will be trumped by IPTV by 2020. Mr Johnson also pointed out that growth may not be easy for some services, particularly when faced with competition from online and traditional offline services.

“Development may be harder for some markets than other. For example, security already has a penetration rate of over 85%, so being able to grow this further will depend on developing other security related services, or on the advent of a virulent and destructive online threat.”

Access revenues, subscriptions charged for a broadband service, are similarly a tough area to grow revenue, especially as saturation permeates through more and more markets.

Offering the right bundles for their consumers in a particular market, signing the right deals and maintaining a customer base in the face of global competition will be the mark of a successful ISP in the next few years. Get it wrong and they won’t see growth – get it right and their prize will be an income base worth several multiples of its yearly value.

“Challenges lie ahead for all and the internet can be fickle, but the right player with the right service, or more likely set of services, has the chance to sweep all before them,” concludes Mr Johnson.

If you would like more information about Point Topic please visit www.point-topic.com. Alternatively you can keep up with industry updates by following @PointTopic on Twitter.

About Point Topic

Point Topic is the primary websource for broadband supplier and user statistics, information and reports. Its data is in use worldwide amongst governments and all major commercial organisations operating in broadband. A range of online services provides the most up-to-date, accurate and cost effective worldwide specific broadband data sets available. See www.point-topic.com for more details.

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