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Control/Restrict Unauthorized Calling with APEX DCS

by david.nunes


– Call Management System for Controlling and Restricting Unauthorized Calling –


WOODLAND HILLS, CA, September  16, 2014 –– APEX Communications, a global provider of Application Servers, Service Delivery Platforms (SDP), and Service-Ready Solutions for network, customer care, and value-added services, today announced the availability of the APEX Destination Control System (DCS), a call management system for Enterprises to control and restrict unauthorized calling.  By provisioning Enterprise-wide or individual profiles based on calling region and service type (e.g. premium rate number), Enterprises are able to significantly reduce their outbound calling expenses as they better control their outbound calling budgets.

         The APEX Destination Control System is a profile and permission-based system, where through a secure portal the system administrator can provision outbound calling permissions, thereby maximizing telecommunication’s savings.  Deployed either as an on-premise solution for Enterprises or hosted “in-the-cloud” by (Mobile) Network Operators and Value Added Service Providers, some of the calling region profiles currently managed in the APEX DCS include:

·         Local

·         Long Distance

·         Local Mobile

·         Long Distance Mobile

·         USA

·         Worldwide

         These profiles are crossed reference based on the destination number entered and an APEX proprietary “digit mask” algorithm to determine if the call can be successfully completed.  Much like the APEX Call Interceptor, where the authorization code /personal identification number (PIN) is validated and then the call is immediately released back into the network, the APEX DCS is engaged only for a short period of time for “risk-and-route” management.

         “The APEX Destination Control System’s flexible design enables it to be deployed at both Enterprises and Service Providers, meeting each one’s unique requirements,” said Elhum Vahdat, Executive Vice President at APEX Communications.  “Already deployed at a Tier 1 mobile Telecommunications Service Provider in Latin America, the APEX DCS can be configured to be multi-tenant based, where each Service Provider has the option to create new tenants, and each tenant can have its own set of administrators and users who can provision access codes/PINs.”

         From the caller’s perspective, once a destination number is dialed, they will be prompted to enter an authorization code/PIN, at which point based on their permissions, the call will either be completed or a message will be played explaining why the called number is restricted.  For even greater security, voice authentication through a voice biometric or “voice print” cold replace the authorization code/PIN, as these can be shared, while voice prints are unique to every individual and not “portable”.  Ideal for Enterprises of any size, this simple one-step process eliminates both unnecessary and unauthorized outbound calls, saving Enterprises both time and money, while increasing productivity.

         The APEX Destination Control System can run as a standalone service, or as a component service of the APEX CloudCast Enterprise Services Suite (ACCESS).  The APEX DCS is based on the OmniVox3D® Application Server, a core component of the APEX Service Delivery Platform (SDP).  OmniVox3D, with its integrated OmniView® Service Creation Environment, is a multi-service platform that is architecturally open, flexible in design, modular in scalability, and protocol independent, making it ideal for high-traffic services anywhere around the world.

About APEX Communications (www.apexcomm.com, info@apexcomm.com, +1 818.379.8400)
With over 15,000 installations across 100 countries since 1989, APEX is a global provider of Service Delivery Platforms, Application Servers, and Service-Ready Solutions to mobile and fixed line Network Operators, Value Added Service Providers, Contact Centers, Enterprises, and Value Added Resellers for network, customer care, and value-added services using Voice, Video, SMS/Text and USSD.

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