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Convergence – connecting people with people

by david.nunes
Malcolm CollinsIssue:Europe 2004
Article no.:3
Topic:Convergence – connecting people with people
Author:Malcolm Collins
Title:President Enterprise Networks
Organisation:Nortel Networks
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About author

Malcolm Collins is the President of Enterprise Networks at Nortel Networks. He most recently served Nortel Networks as the senior executive for the UK and Northern European Region. Prior to that role, Mr. Collins led Nortel Networks European data business as managing director and general manager. Malcolm Collins joined Nortel Networks as vice president of sales. He spent ten years in the Data Communications industry prior to joining Nortel Networks. Malcolm Collins graduated from Brunel University with Hons. Degree in Engineering.

Article abstract

To support the changing demands of the marketplace, many companies are looking at what converged communications can do for them. Instead of concentrating on device-to-device interactions, planners are trying to effectively connect people to people in an ‘inter-human’ web that benefits users, organisations and employees. Why should employees travel to an office when they can work from home or on the move? Why should customers be forced to conduct business in a way that suits the service provider?

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Over the past few years, organisations of all shapes and sizes have taken a closer look at their voice and data networks in order to get more out of them. As well as being able to connect older technologies with new technologies, organisations are increasingly recognising the value of connecting people with people in the most appropriate and effective way – the ‘inter-human’ web, if you like. Because of the growing need for flexibility, organisations are now re-engineering their working practices to accommodate greater mobility.

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