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Cost savings realized in urban Indianapolis MDU broadband deployment

by Anthony Weaver

Residents of an apartment complex in down-town Indianapolis can now enjoy reliable, high-speed broadband thanks to the re-purposing of existing coaxial infrastructure, avoiding the invasive and expensive process of re-wiring the building with fiber.

InCoax Networks was enlisted by Haywire to provide its MoCA Access™ 2.5 technology for 60 apartments and replace the older building’s DOCSIS 3.0 system, which was no longer capable of meeting modern internet speed requirements. The building owner avoided a disruptive overhaul, typical of Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), and secured considerable cost savings.

“The upgrade was non-intrusive to residents, and we re-used the existing coaxial infrastructure ensuring minimal disruption, including no extensive wall drilling or prolonged service downtime,” said InCoax’s Business Development Director Helge Tiainen. “Our deployment underscores the importance of seeking viable alternatives to laying fiber and offers a blueprint for broadband upgrades in similar urban environments.”

A fiber-like performance of up to 2.5 Gbps broadband services was provided to the residents. The MoCA system was connected via a 10 Gbps fiber link to Haywire’s router.

“Thanks to our partnership with InCoax Networks, the residents’ quality of life has been improved,” said David Boyd, Vice President Operations at Haywire. “Causing as little disruption to the property’s residents was critical, especially in such a densely populated urban area. We were very happy with the reduction in installation times and cost.”

The network components, such as modems and access points, were strategically placed in each apartment, providing residents with high-speed wired and wireless access. The main controller was placed on the fourth floor instead of being installed in the basement, helping reduce the cable length to connect each unit on the different floors. In turn, the set up also minimized signal attenuation, a problem that is prevalent in older coaxial deployments, allowing each apartment to receive a stable internet connection.

About InCoax Networks

InCoax Networks AB (publ) re-purposes existing property coaxial networks in fiber and fixed wireless access (FWA) extension deployments for Communication Service Providers (CSP) globally.

The technology is a high performance, future proof, reliable and cost-effective complement, that reduces installation time and improves take-up rate, to boost digital inclusion and Internet access for all.

To quickly learn more about InCoax’s Fiber Access and FWA Extension, visit www.incoax.com.

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