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Craftwork launches range of SAT>IP solutions to support manufacturers

by david.nunes


Craftwork launches range of SAT>IP solutions to support manufacturers



Copenhagen (May 3rd, 2012) – Craftwork, a pioneer of SAT>IP technology, launches off-the-shelf software solutions enabling device manufacturers to rapidly develop and launch new SAT>IP devices.



Craftwork partners will gain access to cost efficient pre-developed server and client solutions, plus have the option to utilize Craftwork’s expertise in the integration and approval of SAT>IP products. Further facilitating the adoption of SAT>IP, Craftwork also has a roadmap supporting leading SoC platforms and a range of enhanced features to deliver best in class SAT>IP products.



Greg Pannell Craftwork’s Sales & Marketing Director commented, “Being original co-authors of the SAT>IP standard, plus having worked on SAT>IP developments for the last two years, Craftwork is in a unique position to help bring SAT>IP devices to market.” Pannell also added, “It is vital the industry deploys SAT>IP with robust solutions, which deliver flawless interoperability across devices. Craftwork have played a primary role in

bringing SAT>IP to the industry, now we will ensure its success by enabling manufacturers to bring great products to market through working with the SAT>IP software experts.”



SAT>IP server and client products utilizing Craftwork technology were demonstrated at last week’s SES Industry Days. Through its co-operation with prominent manufacturers Craftwork expects the first SAT>IP devices to reach the market in the second half of 2012.




About Craftwork


Craftwork is a leading software development company specializing in providing solutions for the Digital TV Industry. With deployments to over fifteen million devices, we have a proven track-record of delivering high quality solutions to meet the demanding needs of major providers and manufacturers around the world.


The business focuses on three key areas; professional services, interactive and technology licensing. We support our clients’ needs from cutting edge R&D projects and custom developments through to production development and full-scale deployment. For more information visit www.craftwork.dk



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