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Cube Optics launches new Network Cube at the Broadband World Forum in Paris

by david.nunes



Cube Optics launches new “Network Cube”

at the Broadband World Forum in Paris:




Passive 40G / 100G transmission overlay for legacy DWDM networks




Mainz, Germany – September 19, 2011 Relentless demand for digital bandwidth is driving fiber deployment far beyond the proximity of the central office and deep into regional hubs, local nodes, wireless backhaul corridors, street-level pedestals and even subterranean distribution pods. Furthermore, enterprise, campus and dispersed data center network expansions increasingly extend fiber links directly to the “enduser”.




Many “Middle Mile” networks already strain under current traffic loads to say nothing of the perpetually increasing data quantity and data rate trends. Cube Optics recognized the imminent need to upgrade bandwidths and to implement 40Gbps and 100Gbps links while participating in setting the IEEE 802.3ba standard for pluggable 40G and 100G transceivers. As a strategic supplier of advanced multi-wavelength MUX modules to major CFP transceiver vendors.




Implementing the new technical conventions made the urgency for solutions exploiting existing fiber strands with far higher transmission rates painfully evident. For example, installing the new 40G Base-LR4 and 100G Base-LR4 transceivers over existing multiple 10Gbps DWDM metro links defeats the intended bandwidth augmentation leading instead to a bandwidth decrease. The typical metro application obliges reliable and uninterrupted use of the legacy DWDM topology and supplementing with 40G or 100G transport channels. The concept of overlaying existing DWDM networks including up to 40 DWDM channels with an additional 40G or 100G service is extremely elegant. Such an overlay approach relies on a simple, passive and inherently 100% interoperable approach boasting an enviable track record of reliable operation across all contemporary DWDM and 40G Base-LR4 / ER4 and 100G Base-LR4 / ER4 transceivers and optical transport interfaces. Introducing discretely independent channels via different (or similar) transmission protocols and data rates relieves fiber exhaust in practically all legacy LRF infrastructures quickly and cost-effectively.




The Network Cube optical layer multiplexing family of solutions are proving a low cost and straightforward means of adding needed bandwidth while preserving continuous and unencumbered operation of revenue generating legacy services. A recent carrier upgraded an existing 40G legacy network with 40 10G DWDM channels to attain a total capacity of 440 Gbps over a single fiber pair deploying only one 1HU / 19” chassis per site.






About Cube Optics

Cube Optics sells a family of ultra-compact optical components and modules tailored to the demands of the access network. Its innovative active/passive opti­cal packaging platforms enables the Company to provide outside-plant Telcor­dia approved, bandwidth enhancing solutions at compelling price points. This miniature packaging platform leverages advanced micro-injection molding techniques and enables network operators to realize low-cost, high performance architectures for both large and small network deployments and legacy infrastructure upgrades. Cube Optics’ products have been implemented in a wide variety of applications including local loop unbundling, HFC/MSO capa­city upgrades, FTTX roll-outs as well as in equipment for the test and measure­ment of access networks. The Company is based in Mainz, Germany, and includes among its main investors The Carlyle Group, Sevin Rosen Funds, Star Ventures and Target Partners.





Contact for Cube Optics AG:

Sven Krüger








Fon: +49-6131-69851-15


Fax: +49-6131-69851-79


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