CustVox Announces Major Upgrade for its Enterprise Feedback Manager (EFM)


European CEM pioneer is rolling out an upgrade of its core product, bolstered by the power of an algorithm developed in-house.


(ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND) – CustVox AG, a European leader in next generation Customer Experience Management software solutions, today announced an upgrade for its Enterprise Feedback Manager, now in version 1.6.


CustVox’s Enterprise Feedback Manager is the only comprehensive, multi-channel platform for capturing, managing and analyzing the voice of the customer in real-time on a cross-channel basis.


Equipped with the ability to naturally process 10 different languages, the Enterprise Feedback Manager is also capable of advanced sentiment analysis of up to 45 languages, including Chinese Mandarin and Arabic.


A new proprietary algorithm developed by CustVox enables the measurement of sentiment levels in unstructured feedback, independent of language.


“We have boosted the upgraded version of Enterprise Feedback Manager with a CustVox developed algorithm. Tested in variety of languages, including Chinese Mandarin and Arabic, CustVox’s Enterprise Feedback Manager breaks new ground,” says Federico Cesconi, CEO, CustVox AG.


The standard cloud solution of CustVox will come equipped with the new algorithm.


Other features include:

  • Always connected through cross channeling capabilities
  • Full mobile device support through SMS, Email, Web and Voice Channels
  • Improved Language capabilities for 10 languages
  • Improved Sentiment Analysis for 45 languages


About CustVox

CustVox AG, is a global specialist in next generation Customer Experience Management (CEM). The company’s high performance solutions are designed to measure and report on customers point of view, capturing insights on touch-point-experiences when and where they occur, and delivering them continuously in real-time.