CSPs Seek Synergy Between Different Departments with Common Business Targets Utilizing Revenue Intelligence, cVidya Survey Finds

Internal Fraud, Commission Verification, and Price Plan Analysis are main concerns

London, June 6, 2012 – cVidya Networks, (www.cvidya.com) a global leader and innovative provider of Revenue Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment service providers, announced the results of a survey they have conducted involving 120 operators from all over the world. The results indicate that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) seek to achieve synergy between different departments which share common business targets by utilizing Revenue Intelligence tools for Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Operational Risk Management, SPM and Pricing Analytics. Internal Fraud, Commission Verification, and Price Plan Analysis were noted by respondents as the three most critical areas that require more advanced solutions.

These findings include feedback from existing cVidya customers and prospective customers over the last four months as well as a survey that was conducted during the cVidya annual User Forum, in which 120 customers from 62 countries participated. The Forum focused on multiple business areas and departments including Pricing, SPM, RA, Fraud and Risk.

Today, all aspects of Revenue Intelligence are considered critical by telecom operators. When there is a synergy between departments focused on maintaining the same overall business targets, CSPs are better able to prevent leakage and maximize margins. Revenue Intelligence is now a mainstream focus for CSPs and an area that demands the most advanced tools available in order to produce the best results. cVidya discovered that CSPs were seeking better technology to address their three main areas of concern – Internal & PBX Fraud, Sales Commission Verification, and Price Plan Analysis.

60 percent of mobile executives reported that there is no Revenue Assurance (RA) coverage for their Dealers/Sales Commission Verification and 58 percent said commission payments make up 5-15 percent of their total revenues. This means that CSPs are vulnerable to revenue leakage estimated in the billions of dollars from Sales Performance Management (SPM) alone.

Regarding fraud, 50 percent of executives noted that the major concern is Internal Fraud, while 40 percent mentioned PBX Fraud. Most executives supported the concept of an overall enterprise fraud solution which they could offer their customers to differentiate themselves and create new revenue sources for their organizations.

The survey also found that there is a real need for more advanced solutions for pricing plans. 67 percent of respondents reported that they currently need an advanced tool to support their decisions prior to the launch of a new price plan, including analysis of the plan’s influence on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and competitor evaluation. 62 percentage of the respondents agreed that tools are needed to enable the marketing department to target individual users with their best offer recommendations based on improved segmentation and end user usage patterns.

“Fighting revenue leakage is the highest priority at cVidya,” said Alon Aginsky, President and CEO of cVidya. “The numbers demonstrate that CSPs still have major concerns and loopholes in their Revenue Intelligence practices. The industry needs to recognize the need for improved, more advanced tools in all aspects of Revenue Intelligence – from RA and Fraud, to SPM and Analytics – all of which cVidya understand well and are working constantly improve upon.”

For more information on cVidya’s IRIS Suite, please see http://www.cvidya.com/Revenue_Intelligence.html

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