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CWC aims to increase broadband usage in Caribbean

by david.nunes


14 September 2011






LIME, the Caribbean division of Cable & Wireless Communications, has launched a low cost laptop promotion in Jamaica and St. Lucia in order to promote broadband access for people who could not previously afford it.


According to the International Telecommunications Union, internet access in the U.S. and Canada is roughly four times that in Latin America and the Caribbean*. Recent research by the Mona School of Business at the University of the West Indies identified that the high cost of computers and other access devices is the main barrier to consumers purchasing broadband internet at home.


LIME, which is the market-leading broadband supplier, is seeking to eliminate that obstacle by offering a low-cost FLIPTop laptop. The FLIPTop laptop is ultra-thin, WiFi-enabled, has a 160 Gigabyte (GB) hard drive, 1GB Ram, a 1.3 mega pixel, Skype-ready camera and comes with the Windows 7 operating system.


In Jamaica the laptop costs just J$14,000 (around £108) to purchase when customers take out a two year broadband contract with LIME. In St. Lucia the laptop is available for EC$499 (around £113) with free installation, free modem and 50% off the cost of a broadband package for the first three months.


LIME launched the promotion to coincide with the time parents are preparing for the new school year.


LIME Jamaica’s Managing Director, Garry Sinclair, said:


“When we considered that what often blocks access to the internet for consumers is the affordability of the access device we decided to help to remove this barrier and give more people a chance to get online. Every child in school in 2011, irrespective of background, should have internet access because it gives them a gateway to unlimited educational resourses which can help improve their overall academic performance. We are aware that prior to this, many parents were unable to afford a computer.”


For customers in Jamaica unable to afford a one-off payment for the FLIPtop laptop, LIME has also made it possible to make a J$5,000 (around £36) down payment and then 11 monthly payments of J$1,900 (around £14). LIME has also partnered with the Jamaica National Building Society to make loans available under favourable conditions for those who need them.


LIME expects to extend the promotion across its Caribbean markets in the future.





About Cable & Wireless Communications


Cable & Wireless Communications is a global full-service communications business. We operate leading communications businesses through four regional units – the Caribbean, Panama, Macau and Monaco & Islands. Our services include mobile, broadband and domestic and international fixed line services in most of our markets as well as pay TV, data centre and hosting, carrier and managed service /social telecom (telecom enabled public services) solutions. Our operations are focused on providing our customers – consumers, businesses, governments – with world-class service. Serving the communities where we operate is at the heart of our approach, and we are committed to behaving in an ethical and socially responsible manner. For more information visit www.cwc.com.


About LIME


LIME is the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications company, focused on building products and services that make Caribbean people’s lives better. LIME’s aim is to deliver the best communication services across the board, full stop. LIME is part of Cable & Wireless Communications, one of the world’s leading international communications companies. From standing at the centre of recovery efforts during times of national emergency to investing more than US$5million into major carnivals, which celebrate culture, music, dance and the Caribbean identity, LIME works tirelessly to make things better for Caribbean communities. For more information visit: www.lime.com






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