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CWC launches 4G services in Caribbean

by david.nunes


6 October 2011





Cayman Islands upgrade is first part of region-wide roll-out


LIME, the Caribbean business of Cable & Wireless Communications, has launched its first 4G network in the Cayman Islands.

In May LIME announced its strategy to be the first telecoms operator to offer 4G mobile services across the Caribbean region. The business is now in the process of a phased upgrade of its networks to incorporate HSPA+ services.

The Cayman 4G network provides 100% coverage of all three Cayman islands (Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac).The upgrade to 4G services will enable customers to enjoy more mobile data services such as video and gaming applications on smartphones like the iPhone (which LIME is exclusively selling across the Caribbean).

LIME has launched new price plans in Cayman for its 4G services. New postpay price plans have inclusive bundles of voice minutes, texts and mobile data, whilst the price per megabyte of mobile data has been substantially reduced. Mobile broadband services have also been launched.

LIME plans to offer 4G services across 12 other Caribbean markets over the next 18 months. LIME, Barbados and the Bahamas Telecommunications Company will be the next CWC businesses in its Caribbean region to launch 4G services. Both expect to launch 4G later this year.


What is 4G?


Mobile phones have been through several generations of development.

The introduction of basic data services (predominantly text messaging) was called second generation (2G). EDGE networks provide faster connectivity to enable easier usage of mobile internet. EDGE networks are often marketed as 2.5G.

The 3G standard was given to networks utilising High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology, which enabled even faster download speeds and the use of multimedia services such as video calling and streamed video clips. 3G networks also enable operators to launch mobile broadband services.

The International Telecoms Union has now designated that a further generational leap has taken place in mobile technology. The 4G standard is awarded to a range of network technologies including HSPA+, WiMax and Long Term Evolution (LTE).



About Cable & Wireless Communications


Cable & Wireless Communications is a global full-service communications business. We operate leading communications businesses through four regional units – the Caribbean, Panama, Macau and Monaco & Islands. Our services include mobile, broadband and domestic and international fixed line services in most of our markets as well as pay TV, data centre and hosting, carrier and managed service /social telecom (telecom enabled public services) solutions. Our operations are focused on providing our customers – consumers, businesses, governments – with world-class service. Serving the communities where we operate is at the heart of our approach, and we are committed to behaving in an ethical and socially responsible manner. For more information visit www.cwc.com.


About LIME


LIME is the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications company, focused on building products and services that make Caribbean people’s lives better. LIME’s aim is to deliver the best communication services across the board, full stop. LIME is part of Cable & Wireless Communications, one of the world’s leading international communications companies. From standing at the centre of recovery efforts during times of national emergency to investing more than US$5million into major carnivals, which celebrate culture, music, dance and the Caribbean identity, LIME works tirelessly to make things better for Caribbean communities. For more information visit: www.lime.com







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