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Cyan validates market opportunity during cleantech Mission to Brazil

by david.nunes

Cyan validates market opportunity during cleantech Mission to Brazil

CAMBRIDGE, UK: John Cronin, Executive Chairman of Cyan Holdings plc (AIM:CYAN.L), the integrated system design company delivering wireless solutions for lighting control and utility metering, has just returned from the “Clean and Cool” Mission to Brazil 2013.  He was one of seventeen entrepreneurs from the most promising British cleantech SMEs selected through competition of over 100 companies for the Mission, organised by The Technology Strategy Board (the UK’s innovation agency), together with The Long Run Venture and the UKTI. John travelled to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, to meet and develop sustainable business links with Brazilian government agencies, businesses and investors.

Brazil has a dynamic population of 200  million, and Brazil’s Energy Research Corporation (Empresa de Pesquisa Energética) has estimated that generating capacity will need to grow by 56 percent in the next decade to keep up with demand and not stifle economic growth1. According to Cyan’s partners in Brazil, 11GW of electricity (equivalent to approximately US$6Bn) is lost each year due to theft, tampering, technical and data errors and addressing these issues is an increasing priority.

As part of the visit, John met with Nobre de la Torre (Cyan’s Brazilian metering partner) in Sao Paulo. The development status of CyLec® hardware and software solutions for the energy market in Brazil was reviewed as well as opportunities with utility customers. After spending the last two months on local certification work and the identification of commercial prospects, the team from Nobre confirmed to John their impression at the time the agreement was signed in September: “we are confident that we can offer a compelling proposition that will allow us to be one of the largest AMR and AMI providers in Brazil”. A meeting also took place with Carlos Ferreira (Cyan Special Advisor for Latin America) where the opportunities with Brazilian utilities were also reviewed.

During his stay in Sao Paulo, John also met with Cyan’s lighting partner in Brazil (Ilumatic) where a similar discussion of technical progress and commercial prospects took place. Despite the fact that the technical qualification process of the Cyan solution for the Brazilian lighting market is not yet complete, Ilumatic have started to market the smart lighting solution through their country wide strong sales team and several good prospects have been engaged. John visited the Ilumatic facilities and gained a comprehensive understanding of how the responsibility for public lighting is allocated.

As part of this Mission, John also met with end user customers for both smart metering and smart lighting solutions and Cyan’s local partners will now be responsible for developing these opportunities.

John Cronin, Executive Chairman of Cyan, said, “This was my first trip to Brazil for Cyan. The mission confirmed that Brazil is a great opportunity for Cyan’s smart metering and lighting technologies. Brazilians are renowned for adopting new technologies quickly, and Cyan is entering this fast-growing market at exactly the right time. We are excited about the opportunities and potential for adoption of Cyan’s technologies throughout the Brazilian smart infrastructure. I’m delighted with the progress that our two local partners have made in the last couple of months on both the technical and commercial fronts.”

1 (Source: Americas Quarterly, Summer 2013.)

About Cyan

Cyan is an integrated system design company delivering mesh based flexible wireless solutions for utility metering, lighting control & industrial telemetry. For more information, please visit www.cyantechnology.com.

About CyLec®

CyLec is a complete control and communication network for electricity metering. CyLec uses wireless technology to enable the collection and delivery of data from and to a meter, such as energy profiles, instant readings and the sending of tariff updates. Priority data can also be sent back to the utilities such as information regarding tampering enabling the utility to take action immediately.

About CyLux®

CyLux is Cyan’s energy efficient smart lighting solution. It enables significant savings by optimising the way in which public lighting is managed. CyLux is compatible with all the latest lighting technologies including HPS, HID and LED. The CyLux web portal provides a central monitoring and control interface that scales to city and state wide deployments.

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