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Cyber Security City Ranking reveals the cities best placed to attract cyber talent

by Anthony Weaver

Cyber security training facility Crucial Academy has released the 2018 Cyber Security City Ranking, revealing the best cities for cyber security professionals, with Reading, Leeds and Cardiff topping the table.

Analysing four factors, including salary, affordability, job availability and tech sector growth potential, the ranking sought to uncover which cities may be most attractive to those already working in or considering cyber security as a career path.

Reading in Berkshire, home to a wide variety of major international tech companies, topped the ranking, performing particularly well for job availability and salary. Leeds closely followed, gaining big points for the potential growth of its tech sector, whilst Cardiff ranked in third place, scoring top points for affordability.

With the predicted future shortfall of cyber security professionals, Crucial was keen to research the factors which may render some cities more attractive to this much needed specialist talent.
An October 2018 report revealed that the worldwide cyber security skills gap currently stands at almost three million.

Johnny Mercer, MP for Plymouth Moor View and non-executive director of Crucial Academy said: “There is a huge cyber skills gap in the UK and we need to fill it in order to protect against attacks. Businesses have more of a duty than ever before to protect themselves and their customers’ information, meaning cyber skills are becoming ever more valuable.”

The top 10 cities can be seen below:

RankCitySalary ScoreAffordability ScoreJob Availability ScoreTech Growth Potential ScoreTOTAL SCORE

Neil Williams, CEO of Crucial Academy, added: “Every city in the ranking is a tech hub within its own right, however, it is fascinating to see which cities, based on these factors, may be more attractive to the much-needed talent pool of cyber security professionals.”

Other findings from the study included:

Best cities for salaries: London followed closely by Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Best cities for affordability: Cardiff closely followed by Newcastle and Glasgow.

Best cities for job availability: Reading followed by Leeds and Manchester.

Best cities for tech sector growth potential: Leeds, Edinburgh and Brighton all placed highest with the same score.

Crucial Academy is run by a team of former Royal Marines Commandos and provides free cyber security training, accredited qualifications and careers for ex-servicemen and women looking for a path back to Civvy Street.

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