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Cyber Security Expert Weighs in on Android Apps

by david.nunes

Cyber Security Expert Weighs in on Android Apps –  regarding the revelation that oblivious Android app users are handing over access to their phone’s functions – including the ability to make calls without user’s intervention and capture images from the device’s camera at any point – to the app-makers.

Stuart Coulson, cyber security expert and director at Manchester hosting company UKFast says: “It’s a case of ‘the emperor’s new clothes’, once you sign something – or click – to agree the terms and conditions that contract is binding and it’s unfortunately your own fault if you don’t read them.

“The only advice that there is to give is to read everything carefully – if you don’t want the app-makers to be able to make calls, see whatever your camera can see or read your messages, don’t ‘agree and download’.

“Apple apps can be seen as safer because of the 17,000 word general terms and conditions policy of the store, but they’re not bullet-proof. It was only recently discovered that certain apps – Twitter included – were storing details of users’ address books on their servers without permission.

“It is simply about being more savvy with our downloads.  We are cautious as to what we download on a PC so why not on a mobile device?”


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