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Cyber security to get drink-driving style campaign? ‘Yes’, says NCC Group

by david.nunes

Cyber security to get drink-driving style campaign? ‘Yes’, says NCC Group

Shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy has called for a ‘kitemark’ system to rank businesses for their online security efforts. He has urged policy makers to introduce education and regulation in regards to cyber security, and suggested an advertising campaign to raise awareness. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/may/15/cyber-security-ad-campaign-labour

Rob Cotton, CEO of NCC Group, comments:

“Jim Murphy’s push for cyber security education is the correct line to be taking. Human error is always the weakest link in a security set up, so teaching from the bottom up will ensure tighter perimeters in the long run. An advertising campaign would be a great way to raise public and end-user awareness. End-users need more control, more education and more empowerment. Educating the public on cyber risks is the ideal platform from which to improve business security. One will naturally follow the other.

“He’s also absolutely right in calling for the introduction of a cyber security standard for businesses. We need a concerted effort from the policy makers to push these regulations through, otherwise both the private and public sectors will continue to leave themselves wide open.

“It’s something that we’ve looked to kickstart with the creation of a Cyber Insurance Working Group and our .secure initiative – but we need others to be proactive too. Jim Murphy should be applauded for the stance that he’s taking.”

About NCC Group

NCC Group is a global information assurance firm, working with over 15,000 clients worldwide. Earlier this month the company launched the Cyber Insurance Working Group, a forum to lead the march towards a minimum security standard for the uptake of cyber insurance. The firm has applied to register the domain .secure, which businesses can use if they have complied to a strict and specific code of security. http://www.nccgroup.com

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