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Cybersecurity Company Warn of Escalating Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure

by Anthony Weaver

LONDON, UK. August 3rd, 2023 – Given the recent alarming cyber incidents
targeting critical infrastructure worldwide, particularly the cyber
attacks on Norwegian government ministries, the urgent need for
heightened cybersecurity measures in safeguarding such critical systems
has once again come to the forefront.

In response to this critical issue, Smarttech247 [2] is urging all
organisations that have OT systems in place to review their current
security measures and is working with critical infrastructure agencies
to fortify their measures. The recent attacks have exposed
vulnerabilities in the public sector on a global scale, underscoring the
pressing need for proactive and resilient cybersecurity measures.

The malicious intent of cyber actors targeting critical infrastructure,
such as power grids, transportation networks, and water supply systems,
poses a significant threat to public services, public safety, and the
economy at large.

“_We have seen a 70% increase in attempted cyber attacks on
organisations’ Operational Technology (OT) or Industrial Control
Systems (ICS) systems over the past 12 months.  This poses serious risks
to the essential services that our societies depend upon. We are
committed to empowering organizations to tackle these evolving
challenges head-on, safeguarding critical infrastructure with robust
defense strategies and cutting-edge technologies,”_ said Raluca Saceanu,
CEO of Smarttech247.

To address the evolving threat landscape, and the projected 25 billion
IoT connections worldwide by 2025, Smarttech247 is taking proactive
steps to address the evolving threat landscape. They are providing a
complimentary cybersecurity health check to critical infrastructures
throughout Europe.

According to Saceanu, this initiative aims to identify vulnerabilities
and fortify defenses, thereby safeguarding against potential cyber


About Smarttech247:

Smarttech247 is a multi-award-winning MDR company and a market leader in
Security Operations. Trusted by global organizations, Smarttech247’s
platform provide threat intelligence with managed detection and response
to provide actionable insights, 24/7 threat detection, investigation,
and response. Their service is geared towards proactive prevention and
we do this by utilizing the latest in cloud, big data analytics and
machine learning, along with our industry leading incident response

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