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daPhone Brand Srl. Selects FTS’ Convergent Charging and Billing Platform

by david.nunes

daPhone Brand Srl. Selects FTS’ Convergent Charging and Billing Platform

Leap™ Billing Solution for MVNOs and MVNEs to Support Growing East European Provider

Herzliya, Israel | May 2, 2013: FTS, a global provider of billing, customer care and policy control solutions for communications and content service providers, today announced that daPhone Brand Srl., a Romanian telecom operator specialising in cost-effective international calling, is expanding its range of services as a MVNO and MVNE provider in Europe and has selected FTS’ convergent prepaid and postpaid charging, billing and customer care solution.

FTS’ MVNO billing solution will provide daPhone Brand Srl. with an integrated system that includes convergent charging, billing and invoicing, customer management, web self-care and registration, mobile inventory management, and voucher management to support daPhone’s full range of voice, data and messaging services.

Furthermore, FTS’ Leap Billing will enable daPhone Brand Srl., which plans to operate as an MVNE, to support multiple MVNO operations on a single hosted platform across any market, regardless of location and localization requirements, such as billing, analytics, language and currency. daPhone will be able to rapidly deploy customized configurations for MVNOs delivering interconnection and roaming services, enabling them to roll out new fully-branded services and operations and adjust rates and charges in near real time. In addition, Leap Billing rapidly adapts to operator requirements, meaning that daPhone can help an MVNO become fully operational in less than a week with the implementation of a dedicated billing system.

“One of the main reasons we selected FTS was because of the support it offers us as both an MVNO and an MVNE. The Leap Billing platform allows us to introduce fully configurable branded services with increased flexibility, meaning that we’ll be able to expand our customer base with an improved customer experience,” commented Dan Feuerstein, daPhone Brand Srl.’s CEO. “We found Leap Billing to be one of the most flexible, robust and cost-effective solutions available on the market, and as an MVNE, it will open a whole new world for the introduction of customized services for each of our supported mobile service providers.”

“As a configurable billing and settlement engine, Leap Billing is ideal for daPhone’s virtual network business,” added Yitzchak Feldman, FTS’ VP of Marketing & Sales. “Not only will it be able to increase the flexibility of its billing, but it will also be able to roll out new and innovative services, bundles and promotions at the same speed as which the marketing department creates them. In addition to furnishing daPhone’s MVNE billing with the ability to support multiple MVNO operations on a single hosted platform, Leap Billing enables daPhone’s MVNO business to offer flexible new marketing plans and services with a rapid-time to market based on events captured in real-time.”

Leap Billing is a flexible, convergent billing, customer care and online charging solution that realises substantial reductions in OPEX and CAPEX while increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Based on FTS’ patented business-control technology (DoTree™), the solution captures events delivered over single or multiple network technologies in real-time and responds to them based on a preconfigured set of business policies or actions. This flexibility and ease of use enables the service providers’ billing to become a business enabler for offering new marketing plans or services, with a rapid time-to-market.

About daPhone Brand Srl.
“Da” Phone Brand Srl. (daPhone) is a privately owned network operator and telecom services operator in Romania. daPhone intends to operate as a “Full MVNO” where all the network elements are owned and operated by daPhone.

daPhone currently offers through its private cloud infrastructure a complete package for international calling as well as worldwide roaming solutions for all mobile phone operating systems (Generation 2.5 and higher) that are easy, quick and cost effective.

daPhone provides its clients with a complete product suite of long distance solutions such as: Call through from home and abroad, SIP Application with free VPN line, Call Forwarding, Prepaid/Rechargeable international SIM cards, SIP trunks, virtual PBX and virtual call center solutions. Customer service and sales are managed through the website http://www.daphone.ro.

daPhone expects that the new MVNO/MVNE platform will enable it to increase its foot hold and revenues in the local market in an efficient and cost effective way.

About FTS
FTS provides billing, customer care and policy control solutions that have greater flexibility and provide greater independence for communications and content service providers, resulting in a dramatically lower total cost of ownership (TCO). As the first billing company to provide policy management, by analysing every transaction from a business standpoint, FTS offers a complete package of solutions and can service both growing and major, established providers.

FTS deploys its full range of end-to-end and add-on telecom billing and policy control services to customers in over 40 countries and implements solutions in wireless, wireline, cable, broadband, M2M, mobile money, cloud and content markets including multiple convergent billing platform installations. By providing solutions and service to telecommunications providers globally, FTS is helping to reduce the total cost of ownership of billing and policy control. Further information is available at http://www.fts-soft.com/.


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