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Data centre supplier Minkels signs EMEA channel partner agreement with ICTroom

by david.nunes

Data centre supplier Minkels signs EMEA channel partner agreement with ICTroom

Veghel, the Netherlands, 29 June 2016 – Global data centre infrastructure supplier, Minkels, part of the publicly traded company Legrand (NYSE Euronext Paris: LR), has signed a Solution Partner Agreement for EMEA with channel partner ICTroom – a data centre integrator with offices located throughout Europe. The Solution Partnership is aimed at further enhancing the cooperation between Minkels and ICTroom, to offer customers ultimate deployment flexibility required for setting up future-proof data centres.

ICTroom works with all kinds of data centre solution brands and is always looking for the best ‘fit’ for their customers. To find the best customer fit, ICTroom normally sets up taskforces – with the customer – for market comparison and evaluation of all solutions available. According to ICTroom, Minkels stands out in a positive way because of the comprehensive portfolio in the field of data centre infrastructure. This channel partnership agreement provides Minkels and ICTroom with the opportunity to bolster mutual ties while enhancing flexibility in customer deployment.

“We see ICTroom as a knowledge organisation with a vision that fits well with the philosophy and methodology of Minkels,” says Ramon de Groot, Business Unit Manager Netherlands | Export Director, Minkels. “Our engineers are finding each other more often and are thus working together on integrated designs, for example in the area of data centre security. With the Solution Partnership, we seal our good relationship. We have high expectations of our partnership in the EMEA region.”

“We have jointly taken up many projects that we completed successfully,” says Jeroen van der Reijken, Sales Director ICTroom. “Recently we have completed one of the most energy-efficient data centres in the Netherlands for Cegeka, a European ICT Group with 3,500 employees and offices across Europe.” Ramon de Groot adds: “The brand new data centre includes several Minkels solutions – such as Next Generation Cold Corridors – and is very flexible, secure and energy efficient (PUE of 1.14).”

It is precisely this shared focus on flexibility but also modularity that ensures a good chemistry between the two companies, according to ICTroom. Van der Reijken: “Minkels, being part of Legrand, has a very broad data centre solutions portfolio of excellent quality. This gives us the opportunity for one-stop shopping while also offering flexibility. Thus, we can offer customers a pay-as-you-grow environment, with the ability to gradually implement new technologies.”

About Minkels

Minkels is a knowledge-driven manufacturer and global supplier of high quality total solutions for data centre infrastructure. The Minkels brand is part of the product portfolio of Legrand, a publicly traded company (NYSE Euronext Paris: LR). Legrand has companies and offices in more than 180 countries with a revenue of 4.8 billion euros in 2015. Legrand markets a range of low voltage equipment and data networks from different manufacturers for the housing, utility construction and industrial sectors.

Minkels’ products stand out due to their innovation and flexibility. Customers are always assured of the latest data centre technologies – modular solutions that meet customer-specific and evolving business needs.

More information about Minkels: www.minkels.com

About ICTroom

ICTroom designs, builds, maintains, exploits and manages highly reliable computer rooms and data centres, creating a technical infrastructure in which IT hardware can perform optimally. Since its founding in 2001, ICTroom has completed more than 250 data centres and computer rooms in EMEA. Customers are national and international companies, (cloud) service providers, governments and IT service providers. ICTroom combines deep data centre expertise with high-quality components from leading suppliers. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands. ICTroom also has offices in Belgium, the UK and Germany.

More information aboutICTroom: www.ictroom.com

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