Cannon Cocoons The Data Centre For 2012 



Long established UK data centre manufacturer Cannon Technologies will be attending the 2012 Data Centre World Conference & Expo (Olympia – 29th Feb & 1st March). Now in its 34th year of supplying a full range of data centre solutions, Cannon alongside its UK premier distributor CMS plc will present its Cold Aisle containment solution – Aisle Cocooning; a component of the Cannon T4 Data Centre Solution range.




Visitors to stand B37 will be able to see first-hand how Aisle Cocooning prevents hot exhaust air entering the data hall while, ensuring that cold air passes through the intended IT equipment. Cannon says that Aisle Cocooning customers report a 40% reduction in energy used for cooling and improved server cooling. In addition to seeing Aisle Cocooning in action, visitors can see Active Roof Panels. Active Roof Panels are electrically controlled by the BMS (Building Management System), automatically opening in the case of fire or smoke, allowing suppressant gas or water to pass through the aisle from an overhead sprinkler or, for smoke to be extracted.




Stand visitors wishing to see more, involve other colleagues and consider the Cannon T4 Data Centre Solution in their own context, can arrange to attend a T4 event day. The first takes place week commencing 5th March in London; other dates are available.


The exclusive benefit of Aisle Cocooning extends beyond Cannon T4 data centres. Existing rack installations, including mixed rack types and sizes, can be retrofitted using the Cannon Free Form Aisle Cocooning system.




The show solution is based on six cocooned (contained) racks in a cold aisle environment with a Cannon in-row cooling unit providing 30kw of cooling. Mark Hirst of Cannon Technologies notes that, “Today’s data centre challenge revolves around Power, Cooling and Security. Aisle Cocooning is an effective response to the first two. Some customers have been able to turn off cooling units making a real saving.”




Bolstering Aisle Cocooning by adding effective and easy to use control is the Cannon T4 Data Centre Manager. Unique among its peers, it uses a single IP address making it extremely easy to deploy. It is a software and hardware solution allowing remote and local infrastructure control, including access control, security, cameras, power monitoring and switching, cooling and cocooning elements. Mark Hirst adds, “Smart and effective data centres still need to be managed. T4 offers an effective no-nonsense solution which can, like cocooning be retrofitted. T4 has power, cooling and security covered.”