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Data Centres: Ghana to Host the 12th Edition of the African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF)

by Anthony Weaver

 Ghana is gearing up to welcome the
12th edition of the African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF),
marking the event’s second appearance in the vibrant city of Accra.
Hosted by MainOne (http://www.MainOne.net [4]), an Equinix Company, this
year’s conference is scheduled to take place from August 22nd to 24th,

AfPIF, an annual event jointly organized by the Internet Society (ISOC)
and the African IXP Association (AFIX), is dedicated to fostering
interconnection between Internet service providers, content providers,
and data centers throughout the African region. It serves as a unique
platform for participants to exchange insights, deliberate on emerging
trends, and cultivate avenues for collaboration.

AfPIF’s mission is to increase the amount of Internet content and
traffic exchanged locally in Africa. This is commonly achieved via
Internet exchange points (IXPs) which enable multiple networks to
directly interconnect through common infrastructure. This aggregation
facilitates large-scale content distribution which improves the speed,
cost-effectiveness, and reliability of the Internet. It also reduces the
region’s reliance on international intermediaries.

Emmanuel Kwarteng, the Country Manager of MainOne, an Equinix Company,
Ghana, expressed enthusiasm about the event, stating, “Hosting the
peering community in Ghana is a tremendous honour for us at MainOne, and
we are excited to welcome participants across Africa and beyond to the
vibrant city of Accra, the gateway to Africa as we call it. This event
resonates deeply with our mission to drive digital inclusivity in our
region by facilitating the localization of Africa’s internet traffic,
which in turn improves the speed of content accessibility, lowers
internet access costs and network latency. We look forward to
facilitating meaningful discussions and partnerships that will further
accelerate Africa’s digital transformation.”

Kyle Spencer, the Executive Director of the African IXP Association,
added his perspective, saying, “AfPIF holds a unique position as a
catalyst for enhancing interconnection and peering across Africa. As we
gather in Accra, we renew our commitment to strengthening the digital
fabric of our continent. By encouraging the local exchange of Internet
traffic, AfPIF contributes significantly to the growth of the African
digital ecosystem, driving economic progress and empowering communities.
We look forward to inspiring discussions and collaborative efforts that
will drive the realization of a more connected Africa.”

The forthcoming AfPIF event promises to be a dynamic and captivating
event, featuring a lineup of keynote addresses, panel discussions,
technical sessions, and invaluable networking opportunities. Attendees
can anticipate gaining profound insights into the most recent industry
trends, networking with industry experts, and uncovering opportunities
for peering and interconnection within the African landscape.

For more information about the African Peering and Interconnection Forum
(AfPIF), please visit the official website: www.AfPIF.org [5]
 _Distributed by APO Group on behalf of MainOne._
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About the Internet Society:
Founded by Internet pioneers, the Internet Society is a non-profit
organization dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and
use of the Internet. Working through a global community of chapters and
members, the Internet Society collaborates with a broad range of groups
to promote the technologies that keep the Internet safe and secure, and
advocates for policies that enable universal access. The Internet
Society is also the organizational home of the Internet Engineering Task
Force. Learn more at: www.InternetSociety.org [6]

About the African IXP Association:
The African IXP Association (Af-IX) is a regional association dedicated
to advancing the proliferation of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) across
the African continent. By promoting the establishment and growth of
IXPs, Af-IX contributes to enhancing local Internet traffic exchange,
reducing costs, improving network performance, and fostering digital
innovation within Africa. Learn more at: www.AF-IX.net [7]

About MainOne, an Equinix Company:
MainOne, an Equinix Company is a leading West African connectivity and
data center solutions provider, recognized for delivering innovative
services that empower digital transformation within West Africa and
beyond. As an Equinix Company, MainOne is committed to accelerating the
growth of digital economies by providing top-tier data center services,
network connectivity solutions, and cloud services. The organization’s
endeavors align with the overarching goal of enhancing Internet
accessibility, reliability, and affordability for businesses and

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