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Data for sale! Are technology controls to prevent fraud in contact centres really ‘adequate’? Asks Datapoint

by david.nunes

Data for sale! Are technology controls to prevent fraud in contact centres really ‘adequate’? Asks Datapoint


The media furore over contact centre workers in India selling British customers’ personal data for as little as 2 pence each raises important questions about data security.  However this is a local as much as an international headache, says Gordon Young, General Manager of Katalyst at Global telecoms integrator Datapoint:


“Despite reports suggesting that there are ‘adequate’ controls in place in overseas contact centres the fact remains that the fewer people who know our personal and security information, the less chance there is that fraud can be committed.  We should always be looking at ways to reduce the number of times we are required to give these details out, if at all.


“Technology needs to play its role fully in the battle against fraud. Applications such as speech recognition are important tools for contact centres to provide an extra level of security and increase peace of mind with their customers. They also deliver ongoing benefits such as reducing the amount of time spent on caller validation from 20 seconds to under one, without needing to provide unnecessary amounts of private data and information,” he adds.


“Almost half of inbound calls to a contact centre require some sort of caller validation. Using speech recognition that is certified to standards such as ISO 27001 for data security, with inbuilt fraud measures, means it has the same legal status as a written signature.”


Young concludes: “This kind of fraudulent activity is not the sole reserve of overseas operations and contact centres globally should be looking further than ‘adequate’ levels of security.”


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