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Datacert to Deliver Unlimited, Rich, and Customised Mobile Experience for Passport Applications

by david.nunes

Datacert to Deliver Unlimited, Rich, and Customised Mobile Experience for Passport Applications

– Datacert legal and claims department clients will have full application capabilities through dynamic user interface optimised for mobile devices

LONDON, Sept. 27, 2012 – Datacert, Inc., the premier global provider of enterprise legal management solutions, announced today its upcoming release of Passport®, Datacert’s patent-pending technology platform, which allows Datacert’s legal and claims department clients to extend their use of Passport’s suite of applications to their mobile devices. Mobile users will be able to utilise the full capabilities (including customizations) of their Passport solutions, such as matter management and legal spend management, via a dynamic and rich user interface that has been carefully designed and optimised for the smaller screens of tablets and mobile phones. Clients can also use the Passport Designer Toolkit to create new, mobile-only screens for unique, on-the-go data capture needs.

Datacert’s approach to delivering a mobile Passport solution continues the strong focus the company placed on usability when first developing Passport, which has been widely recognised for its industry-leading design and usability. Many vendors develop device-specific mobile apps that greatly limit functionality (e.g., only allowing users to approve invoices) or simply port their standard software user interface to cumbersome mobile browsers. In contrast, Datacert’s approach is device-agnostic, mobile-optimised, and provides mobile Passport users with a rich and unlimited experience that utilises the full capabilities of their mobile devices. The Passport mobile solution supports the full range of the desktop application’s capabilities, including customisations clients have made to their Passport solutions, allowing clients to use their mobile devices to perform essential job functions and collaborate effectively outside of the office. Users will be able to perform common tasks, such as:

  • Reviewing, adjusting, and approving invoices, budgets, and timekeeper requests
  • Viewing and updating matter information, including matter summaries, narratives, tasks, and events
  • Viewing documents
  • Viewing dashboards and dashboard reports


The entire user experience is optimised for the smaller screens of tablets and cell phones and made even more intuitive by the utilisation of native operating system widgets, such as the iOS spinning date picker, designed to enhance usability on mobile Apple® devices.  Users will be able to easily interact with and manipulate graphical dashboard reports, ensuring the latest real-time KPI data is always accessible, even when out of the office.

Screen auto-reformat capabilities ensure content rendering is optimised based on the size and orientation of the screen.  Users will also be able to very easily set any page of the application as their “homepage,” allowing quick access to most commonly used features.  For example, casual users who just need to quickly approve invoices on their mobile devices can set the My Invoices to Approve screen as their homepage. This user-selected homepage setting will automatically carry across all of the user’s mobile devices.

“The use of mobile devices to conduct day-to-day business is a practice quickly being adopted by corporate legal departments,” stated Chris Fields, chief technology officer, Datacert.  “The philosophy behind Passport included simplifying the use of technology for attorneys and simplifying the maintenance of legal department systems for clients. This philosophy has been carried through to our mobile offering. In addition, by providing mobile users access to the full functionality of their Passport solutions, they are able to be just as productive on the road as in the office.”

As a technology platform, Passport enables new application development using the Passport Designer Toolkit, which Datacert’s internal development team utilised to develop the mobile solution.  The use of HTML5 for Datacert’s mobile solution greatly simplifies maintenance as it allows for a single code base for all mobile devices and requires no redeployment to mobile devices when new releases of the client’s Passport Server are deployed. Rather, the mobile version automatically stays in sync with the latest version of Passport, including any customisations the client makes to the solution. In addition, clients can utilise the Passport Designer Toolkit to create custom screens for use only on mobile devices. This allows clients to support unique, on-the-go data capture needs, such as retailers that want their store managers to quickly and easily capture information about in-store incidents (e.g., slip-and-falls) that may turn into legal matters. This ability to capture incident information on-the-spot right in Passport greatly streamlines processes.

“As a true technology and applications development platform, Passport gives our clients extreme flexibility to support their unique needs and seamlessly capture, update, and view information on-the-go,” said Fields.

The initial release of the Passport mobile solution will support Apple and AndroidTM tablets and cell phones, with support for other mobile platforms in subsequent releases.

Datacert will be demoing Passport’s extensive mobile capabilities in booth #209 at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Meeting, 30 Sept. – 3 Oct. in Orlando, FL.

For more information about Passport, please contact Datacert at +1 800-780-3681 or e-mail nasales@datacert.com (North American inquiries) or emeasales@datacert.com (international inquiries).

About Datacert, Inc.

Datacert is a global technology innovator and the premier provider of enterprise legal management software and services that empower corporate legal departments and claims organizations to operate more efficiently, support changing business needs and global workforces, collaborate with legal suppliers, and make strategic business decisions. Datacert’s offerings include its patent-pending technology platform, Passport®, and solutions to manage legal matters, mitigate risk, and control legal and claims spend. Datacert solutions are relied upon by Fortune® 500 corporations, Fortune® Global 500 corporations, 100 percent of the AmLaw 200, and thousands of legal suppliers around the world.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices throughout North America, EMEA, and APAC, Datacert has law firm, vendor, and agent connections in more than 150 countries. Visit www.datacert.com for more information and follow us on Twitter for real-time updates http://twitter.com/Datacert.

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