DATATRONICS introduces the new generation of PacketLogic Series PL8000

The new PL8820 developed by Procera Network, partner of DATATRONICS, is the faster and smarter DPI in the world with this size

DATATRONICS, systems integrator and solution provider in areas of DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), bandwidth management and IP networks security, presents the new generation of PacketLogicTM, PL8000 series, developed by his partner Procera Network.

The first model is PL8820, offering a remarkable capacity of 30 Gbps in a 2U machine, so this DPI is the fastest and smartest in the world with this size.

Introducing PL8820, DATATRONICS doubles the capacity of previous solution and offers a solution faster than the competition. However, more important than the throughput is the impact on the cost-efficiency for customers.

This is specially true for mobile operators, which rely increasingly on data services as the main factor of revenue growth . These operators must be able to support both subscriber growth, traffic growth and change of user behavior in a society increasingly active in social networking.

DATATRONICS, through his partner Procera, has equipments and chassis to meet the need of capacity from the edge to the core of mobile and fixed networks. All PacketLogic series use the same software and can coexist on the same network. This means that all of them, including the PL8820, have the wide range of PacketLogic functions complying with the standards for policy enforcement  based on DPI, known as PCEF.

Most mobile operators use 2.5G, 3G, Turbo-3G and LTE in parallel and PacketLogic supports all of these networks with the same product in different sizes, allowing operators to easily expand their policy control solution, including the support for IPv6 which makes PacketLogic fully compatible with transport needs.

The PL8820 handles up to 2 million users and 20 million flows per unit. PacketLogic PL8820 is already available for sale and it has been deployed in production networks like 3 Scandinavia.


DATATRONICS is a leading System Integrator and Value Added Reseller focused on platforms, services and infrastructures for Telecom Operators and Service Providers.

DATATRONICS offers high value-added solutions in the areas of Telecom Networks, Signalling, Intelligent Network (IN), Value Added Services platforms, NGN & IMS, Optical Communications Systems, Time & Frecuency, Network Security and Bandwidth Management. Present in the market since 1996, DATATRONICS partners with leading technological companies and employs a team of engineers with proven expertise in providing professional services and telecom systems integration.

With international projection, DATATRONICS has successfully deployed projects in EMEA and LATAM and provide Support & Maintenance services to all of its customers.

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