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Davisco: First day of Alpha Summit 2015 complete

by david.nunes

First day of Alpha Summit 2015 complete

 – Attendees participated in a forum and toured the Jerome Cheese Facility

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota, Aug. 4, 2015 – Davisco, Business Unit of Agropur inc., hosted the first day of Alpha Summit 2015 in Jerome, Idaho, on Tuesday. The event started with a seminar covering protein innovation, alpha-lactalbumin protein chemistry, Davisco whey protein processing and infant formula processing from Juan Gonzalez, Allen Foegeding, Lloyd Metzger and Mark Fenelon. To learn more about the esteemed panel of speakers, click here.

“Listening to the speakers share their insight was incredibly eye-opening,” said Jenna Stangland, MS, RD, LDN, dietitian for BiPro USA. “This event has brought many of the top protein experts in the world together to learn more about Davisco’s industry-leading whey protein.”

After the speaker forum, Alpha Summit 2015 attendees toured the state-of-the-art Jerome Cheese Facility. The site produces more than 1 million pounds of alpha-lactalbumin annually and increased production tenfold earlier this year.

“I had heard that the factory was impressive, but couldn’t believe how cutting edge the Jerome Cheese Facility was when I saw it in person,” said Lily Zhang, CEO of SJ Global Group. “It’s no wonder that Davisco produces by far the purest form of alpha-lactalbumin commercially available worldwide.”


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