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Delta Presents TEC Thermoelectric Cooling for Optimal Energy Economy

by david.nunes

New power cooling solutions can save over 40% of a telecom site’s total energy consumption

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 10, 2010 Delta Electronics announces new power system cooling solutions for telecom customers that provide significant reductions in CO2 emissions and offer energy and cost savings that reduce total cost of ownership.

“A battery compartment requires more effective cooling, whereas telecom devices and rectifiers can withstand much higher temperatures. Delta offers active cooling devices TEC for effective battery cooling. The rest of the system receives an optimized operating temperature through air conditioning, air ventilation or heat exchangers, or any combination of these,” says Andrzej Chaberek, Outdoor Product Manager, Telecom Power Solutions Business Unit, Delta Electronics.

“Using our hybrid cooling solutions, the savings in cooling can rise up to 90%. This revolutionizes the cost structure of thermal management and can achieve more than 40% savings in a site’s total energy consumption. By deploying Delta’s hybrid cooling and TEC solutions on a minimum of 1000 sites, an operator’s annual savings could reach 1 million euros,” says Chaberek.

OutD and its advanced cooling options are a part of Delta’s SolutionE, a comprehensive, leading-edge concept for total energy efficiency that focuses on creating energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint. Delta emphasizes both direct and indirect energy savings, having market-leading energy saving modules and site solutions that can enable energy savings approaching 100%.

Learn more about OutD at www.deltapowersolutions.com/SolutionE/OutD


A note on telecom systems

Telecom power systems secure telecommunication services in case of power interruptions or fluctuations. The essential parts of the system are rectifiers, batteries and a power system controller. The rectifier converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and provides the power necessary to charge the batteries. The power system controller monitors and controls the entire system and site power infrastructure, maximizes battery life, supports energy saving and informs the operator of maintenance needs.

About Delta Group

Delta Group is the world’s leading provider of power management and thermal management solutions, as well as a major source for components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Delta Group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe. As a global leader in power electronics, Delta’s mission is, “To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow.” Delta is committed to environmental protection and has implemented green, lead-free production and recycling and waste management programs for many years.

For more information about Delta Group, please go to www.deltaww.com.

Telecom Power Solutions Business Unit

As a part of the Delta Group, the Telecom Power Solutions Business Unit is a power system provider, and the global partner of choice for telecom network manufacturers, operators and integrators. Delta provides its customers with a wide range of power products and global services. The core of our business is securing the vital processes of our customers with innovative technology. Delta also aims to promote sustainable development with energy-efficient solutions.

Sales Contact:

Hans-Peter Glauser

Global Product Manager

E-mail: hans-peter.glauser@delta-es.com,

Tel. +41 31 998 53 66

Andrzej Chaberek

Product Manager, OutD solutions

E-mail: andrzej.chaberek@delta-es.com

Tel. +48 22 335 26 03

Media Contact:

Kirsi Juntunen

Marketing manager

E-mail: Kirsi.Juntunen@delta-es.com

Tel. +358 9 849 660

Fax. +358 9 849 66 100

Laura Parjanne
Marketing Coordinator
Energy Solutions EMEA MU

Delta Energy Systems (Finland) Oy
P.O. Box 63, Juvan teollisuuskatu 15, FIN-02921 Espoo
T +358 9 84966 444, F +358 9 84966 100
M +358 40 8304066


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