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Detecon: Finally introducing broadband Internet to rural Africa

by david.nunes


Profitable deployment of wireless networks in sparsely populated areas


Finally introducing broadband Internet to rural Africa


Bonn/Eschborn, 11/10/2011. Detecon provides comprehensive market entry solutions for providers of Internet services designed for rural areas in Africa. In a number of recently started projects in several Sub-Saharan countries the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) consulting company develops workable business concepts that take into account the mistakes of rural Internet pioneers who have constantly failed to address relevant success factors in an integrative manner. In contrast, Detecon integrates all economic, social, ethical, financial, technological and regulatory dimensions of rural Internet projects. Clients receive a business model as well as a technological concept accompanied by an appropriate vendor management plan. Supervising the implementation of a business concept Detecon pools all relevant partners, especially investors, sponsors, regulatory authorities and ICT suppliers. On account of its innovative mesh technology “WiBack” Detecon chooses Fraunhofer FOKUS (Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems) as preferred ICT partner to close the so-called digital divide in rural Africa.


Mesh networks boost profitability


Compared to traditional operator approaches, Fraunhofer´s solution provides substantially lower capital and operational expenditure. This enables rural broadband providers to bridge the prevailing gap between costs and attainable revenues.


Compared to low-cost wireless mesh technology, WiBack offers carrier-grade services including network management capabilities and interfaces to higher-ranking networks. With the integration prerequisites at hand the Detecon consultants align rural networks to respective national broadband strategies.


Fraunhofer’s Wireless Backhaul Technology WiBack targets carrier grade service provisioning in medium and large wireless networks. Key features include quality-of-service (QoS)-provisioning, auto-configuration, self-management and self-healing. Customers like ISPs, standard fixed network providers or mobile network providers receive a robust wireless network for voice and data applications that is entirely based on open source technologies and powered by solar energy.


Evolutionary access options


On the local level end users can access the Internet in three different ways. Basically, providers might roll out stand-alone eKiosks with net-top PC´s offering basic services like email, chatting, browsing or telephony. Depending on local use cases potential clients may also offer applications for eHealth, eLearning or eGovernment purposes. On top of the eKiosk concept service providers will be able to extend their business by offering Wifi hotspot services next to the kiosk building for paid public access with personal computing devices. In addition there is a so-called private hotspot mesh option where different houses get connected by a meshed network giving inhabitants and neighbors Internet access. An evolution from simple to complex scenarios will be possible over time without changing the underlying backhaul network.


eKiosk use case shown in video clip: http://www.detecon.com/wiback


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Detecon is one of the world’s leading consulting companies for ICT management consulting. Our services focus on consulting and implementation solutions which are derived from the use of information and communications technology (ICT). They encompass classic strategy and organization consulting as well as the planning and implementation of complex, technological ICT architectures and applications. Detecon’s expertise bundles the knowledge from the successful conclusion of management and ICT consulting projects in more than 160 countries. Detecon is a subsidiary of T-Systems International, the key account brand of Deutsche Telekom.


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