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Dialogic Announces Epsilon’s Deployment of Softswitch Solution

by david.nunes

Dialogic Announces Epsilon’s Deployment of Softswitch Solution

Dialogic’s ControlSwitch System provides support for TDM and IP traffic as well as the ability to cost-efficiently interconnect with carrier partners

San Jose, CA – May 9, 2011Dialogic Inc., (NASDAQ: DLGC) a leading provider of communications technologies that power advanced networks, today announced that Epsilon, a global connectivity solutions provider, deployed the Dialogic® ControlSwitchTM System to replace Epsilon’s existing softswitch. Epsilon chose Dialogic because of its ability to provide native support for both TDM and IP traffic via the ControlSwitch System, as well as Dialogic’s strong leadership and expertise within the IP communications market.  Using Dialogic’s softswitch solution, Epsilon’s carrier customers can seamlessly migrate from TDM to IP while reducing both CAPEX and OPEX. 


Epsilon provides global connectivity solutions between major telecommunications hubs to facilitate global voice and data communications for over 300 carrier customers.  Although a majority of Epsilon’s interconnected carriers were ready to migrate from TDM to IP, Epsilon felt that its legacy softswitch solution lacked the ability to efficiently convert traffic.  By deploying Dialogic’s ControlSwitch System with native support for both protocols, Epsilon is able to seamlessly and cost-effectively migrate its carrier customers to IP – eliminating the need for an external gateway for TDM conversion. 


“Dialogic’s demonstrated expertise in TDM to IP migration along with its field-proven softswitch solution allows us to significantly optimize our capital and operational expenditures, furthering our mission to become a leading provider in the international telecommunications wholesale market,” said Andreas Hipp, CEO of Epsilon.  “We have successfully completed deployment of Dialogic’s softswitch system and are currently migrating the traffic of our carrier customers over to ControlSwitch.  We look forward to working together with Dialogic as we continue to move traffic to the new softswitch system.”


Dialogic’s ControlSwitch System is built on an advanced modular, programmable, highly distributed and highly scalable architecture with open interfaces to media devices, application servers and back-office systems.  It can help deliver switch partitioning services with any-to-any voice signaling conversion, secure SIP interconnections, advanced QoS and vital bandwidth optimization capabilities to further reduce costs.  In addition, the product is IPX-ready, supplying Epsilon with the ability to comply with carriers who have adopted this standard.


“Our ControlSwitch System is just what a solutions provider like Epsilon wants for interconnecting with hundreds of carriers.  The system combines unique features to enable Epsilon, and others like it, to provide a cost-efficient solution with simultaneous TDM and IP support,” said Harold Klett, Vice President and General Manager of the Service Provider Infrastructure Group at Dialogic. “This customer win further demonstrates our position as a proven leader within the IP communications marketplace, and we look forward to a longstanding relationship with Epsilon.”


About Dialogic

For over 25 years, Dialogic (NASDAQ: DLGC) and its subsidiaries have been providing communications platforms and technology to enterprise and service provider markets. Our portfolio of IP and TDM based multimedia processing and call control technologies enables developers and service providers to build and deploy innovative applications without concern for the complexities of the communications medium or network. This empowers our customers to unleash the profit from video, voice and data for advanced networks.


For more information on Dialogic, visit www.dialogic.com. Also, find us on the following social networking sites:

Dialogic Exchange Network (DEN)

Dialogic is a registered trademark, and ControlSwitch a trademark, of Dialogic Inc. or a subsidiary thereof (“Dialogic”). Other trademarks mentioned and/or marked herein belong to their respective owners. Dialogic and its subsidiaries encourage all users of their products to procure all necessary intellectual property licenses required to implement their concepts or applications, which licenses may vary from country to country.  Other trademarks mentioned and/or marked herein belong to their respective owners.

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About Epsilon

Epsilon provides global telecommunications services from delivering a simple point-to-point long-haul and metro connectivity to a fully outsourced ‘managed presence’; this includes SDH and Carrier Ethernet bandwidth, co-location, system integration, commissioning and maintenance services. The Epsilon Connect platform represents a pre-connected telecoms world where access ‘to’ and transit ‘through’ networks becomes a matter of provisioning rather than manual field intervention. Currently the Epsilon network extends to over 50 carrier neutral data centres across Western Europe, the US and Asia. In these points of presence Episilon currently services over 300 international carriers and have access to well over 1000 operators.


Epsilon’s customers are typically fixed-line operators, mobile operators, content/application and internet services providers. These carriers use Epsilon to provide support on a global basis; the company has created a product portfolio that covers the operators’ needs in regards to running international networks. This portfolio, encompassing skilled technical teams, allows customers who wish or need to outsource to do so with a reliable partner.




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