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Dialogic Introduces Enterprise Session Border Control and Media Gateway Product

by david.nunes

Parsippany, NJ – September 14, 2010 – Dialogic Corporation (“Dialogic”), a global provider of world-class products and technologies for multimedia and signal processing, today introduced its new Dialogic® BorderNet™ 500 Gateways.  The turnkey BorderNet 500 Gateways are complete yet flexible products that enable rapid deployment of SIP-based communications services and widespread delivery of SIP trunking and hosted SIP services with a single border element compatible with virtually any enterprise network architecture and customer premise communications system. The BorderNet 500 Gateways are the first products available in the new Dialogic® BorderNet family, incorporating full-featured border elements for enterprises and service provider network edge demarcations.

BorderNet 500 Gateways combine enterprise session border control (SBC) functionality with “any-to-any” media gateway functionality, connecting virtually any premise-based PBX or contact center system with any trunk type, whether SIP-based or TDM/PSTN.

“It’s no secret that the world is moving to IP, but it doesn’t happen overnight,” remarked Matthias Machowinski, directing analyst of enterprise voice and data, Infonetics Research. “With a media gateway-embedded SBC, telecom and network managers can take advantage of the benefits of IP-based services, while still supporting some of their older, TDM-based equipment.”

The integrated session border control features of the BorderNet 500 Gateways include secure firewall traversal of real-time SIP traffic through the enterprise network edge, as well as SIP interoperability tools and configuration templates for over 40 carriers. Their integrated media gateway features include optional interfaces and protocols for T1/E1, PRI, CAS, ISDN BRI PSTN and PBX protocols and interfaces. BorderNet 500 Gateways also deliver SIP security at the network edge, greatly reducing the threat of denial of service attacks, SPAM and SPIT attacks, in addition to a number of other SIP security concerns. The enterprise-class BorderNet 500 Gateways are available in multiple 1U rack mountable chassis configurations.

“The demand for SIP-based services continues to build in the enterprise market, and with that the need to secure and normalize the communications flow and connectivity across the enterprise network edge is also increasing,” said Franz-Josef Eberle, vice president and general manager of the enterprise marketing group, Dialogic Corporation.  “The BorderNet 500 Gateways are designed to facilitate the growth of the market by efficiently meeting the enterprise network edge security and connectivity needs of SIP services.”

The BorderNet 500 Gateways enable the deployment of SIP services into virtually any enterprise network environment, with or without native SIP protocol support or SIP interoperability testing, while maintaining current investments in security technology and customer premise communications systems. The products also support the use of SIP trunking with hosted IVR, messaging, contact center, conferencing and unified communications solutions.

To learn more about the new BorderNet 500 Gateways, join Dialogic’s “SIP Trunking: Deployment Considerations at the Enterprise Edge” webinar on Tuesday, September 21st at 2:00. For more details and to register for this event, click here.

About Dialogic Corporation

Dialogic Corporation is a leading provider of world-class, innovative technologies based on open standards that enable innovative mobile, video, IP, and TDM solutions for Network Service Providers and Enterprise Communication Networks.  Dialogic’s customers and partners rely on its leading-edge, flexible components to rapidly deploy value-added solutions around the world.

Information about Dialogic is available at http://www.dialogic.com/. Also, join our social networking community, the Dialogic Exchange Network (DEN) at www.dialogic.com/den, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter (http://twitter.com/dialogic) and YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/dialogiccorp) for additional Dialogic news and updates.


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